Bailey Stewart is the good girl, the teachers pet. Will Jordan is the bad boy. They have... a history that isn't all sunshine and rainbows. And somehow, this means that it's the perfect opportunity for them to switch bodies after Bailey falls into a coma. Will they ever switch back? And can they adjust to being two different people?


4. Gabriella Ferguson and co.

My first class was English will Mrs Hammond. She was cool, as long as you appealed to her good side. So that was what I did, obviously.

“Ah, Mr Jordan. This isn’t the first time you’ve arrived late to my class.” She called out as I opened the door. Every head turned in my direction. As I was not Will, who was obviously bad ass boy supreme and a total attention seeker, I immediately began to feel myself blushing. Guys don’t blush, I hissed to myself. But I wasn’t a guy! I was a girl! This was all so twisted. How had I been trapped inside of Will Jordan’s body? And what did that mean for him...? Where was William Jordan, bad boy of the school as it seemed? Oh crap. I was seriously freaked now.

“Sorry Mrs Hammond.” I replied, trying to sound genuinely apologetic although it was difficult considering this guy obviously didn’t do ‘sorry’. She smiled though and told me to sit down. As it turned out, Gabriella Ferguson had saved me a seat. Oh yeah, I knew her. Gabriella Ferguson was the most popular girl in school. She was a downright bitch too. Gabriella hated everyone who wasn’t in her immediate social circle and made fun of everyone she could get her manicured little fingers on. Yeah, her manicured fingers were all over Bailey Stewart – or otherwise, me.

It took everything I had in me to not glare at her. William Jordan was in this girl’s immediate social circle. I knew that because I’d suddenly remembered what I’d wanted to forget. I was stuck in the body of one of the back-up guys who helped Gabriella bully me.

Why on the seven billion planets had some idiot decided to dump me in this fricking jerk’s body?! I was so unbelievably mad right now. Gabriella smiled sexily at me, or what she thought was sexy but to me it was more weirdo glance, and slid the chair out for me.

“Hey babe,” She drawled, gripping the edge of the blue shirt I’d picked out. It matched my – I mean his – eyes. I managed a faint smile and let her drag my unwilling body into the chair next to her. Wait, my brain thought. Wasn’t Bailey – or otherwise known as me – in this class? I was sure I had English with Mrs Hammond. What bothered me was that I wasn’t incredibly sure.


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