Bailey Stewart is the good girl, the teachers pet. Will Jordan is the bad boy. They have... a history that isn't all sunshine and rainbows. And somehow, this means that it's the perfect opportunity for them to switch bodies after Bailey falls into a coma. Will they ever switch back? And can they adjust to being two different people?


1. Bailey Stewart... isn't Bailey Stewart?!

My name is Bailey Stewart. I am thirteen years old. And since the day I woke up, I’ve never been the same again...

I ruffled my hair tiredly, feeling as if it were shorter than before. How could that be? It hadn’t been cut for six months, however much I had begged my mum. I stretched out on my bed, feeling as if I were about a couple of stones heavier. My limbs didn’t fully feel as if they were working properly, which was strange.

Getting up to put my make-up on, I headed to the mirror. Before I could even pick up a brush or eye liner, I screamed.

What the hell?! I took a double take in the mirror. My hair was shorted. Try cropped short hair. Brown hair. My hair was blonde. And my eyes... were blue. Why were they blue? My eyes were supposed to be green! What was happening?

You want to know the weirdest part? I was a boy! A boy, for Christ’s sake. A cute boy, but a boy all the same! No wonder I’d felt so weird once I’d woken up. What the hell was going on? I shook my head, clenching my eyes shut, hoping desperately that when I opened them again, everything would go back to normal.

Of course, it didn’t. And I had to accommodate myself to the appalling state of my ‘room’. Except I was sure it wasn’t really mine. Mine was definitely not this messy, or this boyish...

Remembering my room brought back a faint smile on my lips. It was pin straight, cos I’m pretty sure I am the neatest freak ever. It was pink, no not because I’m some girly girl – uh... guy – but because mum and dad had never let me redecorate. My teddies were piled up on the top of my wardrobe and the wardrobe was stuffed with clothes that were new and clothes I’d never dared to wear but couldn’t throw away because mum had bought them for me.

This room was not like my room. It had clothes strung everywhere. The chest of drawers was almost empty and the bed covers were definitely not the way I liked them. The theme was blue and race cars, and you can guess how I know that. He was an obvious comic book collector and liked his gadgets.

I will post more as soon as I can :)

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