Safe & Sound (1D & PLL) *On Hold*

Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily are in for a surprise. Last summer their best friend, Alison DiLaurentis, went missing. Those five used to be inseparable, but why? They were all brought together by Ali. They would always try to impress her, everyone did. Little did they know about Ali's past. Now, they are getting weird texts from an unknown number. They call them self 'A'. The girls have to be careful. Is 'A' with or against them. Or both? Now they meet the love of their life (or so they think) but what happens when 'A' threatens them? Where is Ali? Who is 'A'? Find out for your self in Safe & Sound!

**One Direction and Pretty Little Liars!!**


8. What You Can't Have

~Emily's POV~

I stood in front of my green metal locker and the final bell of the day rung. My boyfriend, Ben, came over to me. 

"You want to to go to the grill with us?" He asked, motioning to the swim team behind him. His Rosewood swimming jacket hung loosely off his lanky, muscular body, and his dark brown hair falling in his face.

"No, I'm good" I answered. Since we had practice at three-thirty after school, the team usually goes down to the grill for an hour to pass the time before swimming a million laps.

Ben frowned, "are you not practicing?" I shut my locker and turned to him. "You know that kid I was showing around today? I'm going to walk him home."

"Aren't you sweet. Parents of prospective students pay for tours, but you're doing it for free." 

"Come on." I smiled uneasily. "It's only a ten minute walk." He looked at me, vaguely nodding for a moment. "What? I'm just trying to be nice!" I exclaimed. His face softened a bit as he spoke.

"Just don't go getting all cozy with him. You're mine." He said, touching the tip of my nose. I nodded, feeling uncomfortable with those words, but he turned and walked away. Your mine. I'm not a toy, you can't just claim me. I'm nobody's. I belong to myself and only myself.

A minute after Ben loped down the side stairs to the parking lot, Niall appeared. He wore a red Hollister polo shirt and jeans with white chucks. His blond hair in a slightly messy quiff. "Hey," he said, standing in front of me.

"Hey," I tried to sound happy, but I still felt a little uneasy. Maybe I should have went with Ben. Was it weird to walk home then walk right back? 

I let it go and we walked down towards Niall's place. We talked about little things on our way, like him and his friends' band or my swimming. Niall seemed a little upset when I mentioned Ben, though. It's like he could like me, right? I mean, I don't really have the qualities every guy looks for in a girl. Ben likes me because of swimming, really. My body is strong, muscular, and not as slender as it used to be. My hair was chlorine-damaged and really, my only good feature was my perfectly toned skin. 

"This is a shorter way home," I gestured across the street, to the large colonial house's lawn me and the girls used to cut through on winter days to get to Alison's faster.

We started up through the grass. As we pushed through the brambly tree branches to his backyard, I stopped short. A small, guttural noise escaped my lips. 

I hadn't been in this backyard-Ali's old backyard-in ages. There, across the lawn, was the teak deck where Ali and I played countless games of Spit. There was a patch or worn out grass where we hooked up Ali's iPod speakers for dance parties. Niall turned around, peering over his shoulder at me.

"You okay?" I looked up at him and forced a smile, nodding. "I'm fine."

"You want to come in?" I shook my head. He looked at me with a confused expression but caught on quickly after.

"Emily, if you ever need anybody to talk to, I'm here. I don't know how it feels to loose your best friend but I do know if I lost one of the guys, I wouldn't be able to do what you're doing. That's for sure." He said sincerely in his Irish accent. I could tell he was being serious. Ben was never this nice before. Ben was never a lot of things...

"I should...get back to school." I said, swiftly turning around. I began to walk but was pulled back by a strong hand taking hold of my forearm. 

"School? Why?" 

"Swimming." He nodded then started giggling. 

"You didn't have to walk me home, silly." My face flushed. He stopped laughing then looked in my eyes. "Can you skip?" I looked at him longingly for a moment, so badly wanting to say yes but I couldn't. Ben would suspect something if I skipped and plus, my parents would kill me. I shook my head but didn't stop looking in his eyes. "Oh well" He mumbled, seemingly getting closer. He bit his bottom lip and his eyes flickered to mine. I knew what was happening, he wanted to kiss me. He leant in slowly, asking for my permission. I didn't stop him, something was just pulling me to him. Our noses brushed, I felt his hot breath on my lips. We were about to kiss when my phone buzzed in my pocket. Oh what timing!

I quickly turned my head and took out my phone, suspecting it to be Ben wondering why I was taking so long. I opened the text message. 

Blocked ID- It's not nice to cheat on your boyfriend, Emily. Just like Spencer, you want what you can't have. It would be a shame if Ben found out. -A

I looked around. What the heck? Was someone watching us? I tried to think rationally. I looked at the signature. A. Could it be- no, that's impossible! I looked at the attached photo and it was Niall and I looking into each other's eyes romantically, leaning in for that almost-kiss.

Niall looked at me with a worried face. "Sorry, I uh- have to go." With that I ran away. All the way to the school. What if it was her? That means... she's alive. Alison's alive! But, why would she be sending threatening texts?

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