Safe & Sound (1D & PLL) *On Hold*

Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily are in for a surprise. Last summer their best friend, Alison DiLaurentis, went missing. Those five used to be inseparable, but why? They were all brought together by Ali. They would always try to impress her, everyone did. Little did they know about Ali's past. Now, they are getting weird texts from an unknown number. They call them self 'A'. The girls have to be careful. Is 'A' with or against them. Or both? Now they meet the love of their life (or so they think) but what happens when 'A' threatens them? Where is Ali? Who is 'A'? Find out for your self in Safe & Sound!

**One Direction and Pretty Little Liars!!**


7. Oops! I Did It Again.

"Oh... The curly haired one? He's hot!" Mona Vanderwaal, Hanna's best friend, said. They were sitting across from each other. The first day of school just ended and they were sitting in the King James Mall's Starbucks cafe, talking about boys and gossiping. Mona always knew the best dirt on people. Hanna took another sip of her iced coffee and noticed a forty-something guy staring lecherously at them. A regular Humbert Humbert, Hanna thought, but didn't say out loud. Mona wouldn't understand the literary reference, but just because Hanna was the most sought-after girl at Rosewood Day didn't mean she was above sampling the books on the summer's recommended reading list now and then, especially when she was lying out next to her pool with nothing to do.

Mona swiveled around to see what Hanna was looking at. Her lips twisted up in a naughty smile. "We should flash him"

"Count of three?" Hanna's eyes widened. Mona nodded. On three the girls slowly pulled up the hems of their already sky-high minis, revealing their panties. Humbert's eyes boggled and he knocked his drink into the crotch of his khakis. "Shit!" He yelled, before running off to the bathroom.

"Nice" Mona said. They threw their napkins on their uneaten salads and stood to leave.

Hanna and Mona became friends the summer after Ali's disappearance, when they both got cut from cheerleading tryouts. Vowing to make the squad the following year they lost tons of weight-so they could be the cute, perky girls that the boys tossed in the air. But once hey got skinny and gorgeous, they decided cheerleading was passe and the cheerleaders were losers, so they never bothered trying again.

Since then, Hanna and Mona shared everything-well, almost everything. Hanna didn't tell Mona how she lost the weight so fast, it was too gross to talk about. But Hanna was over that bad habit now so it didn't matter, right?

"You know that guy had a boner," Mona whispered, gathering her magazines into a pile. "What's Harry going to think?"

"It's not like he's my boyfriend, but he'd probably laugh then make a perverted joke." Hanna said.


Hanna shrugged. "Probably"

Mona laughed and they started walking.

"Where to?" Mona asked.



They strolled through the brand-new wing of the King James mall. It had a Burberry, a Tiffany's, a Gucci, and a Coach. It was packed with pretty back-to-school girls with their moms. On a solo shopping trip a few weeks ago, Hanna had noticed her old friend Spencer Hastings slipping into the new Kate Spade, and remembered how Spencer used to special-order an entire season's worth of nylon shoulder bags from New York.

Hanna felt funny knowing those sorts of things about someone she wasn't friends with anymore. And as she was watching Spencer peruse Kate Spade's leather luggage, she wondered if Spencer was thinking what she was thinking: that the mall's new wing was just the thing Alison DiLaurentis would have loved. Hanna had often thought of all the things Ali had missed. Especially Hanna's makeover, of course. And it was such a bummer she had. Sometimes when Hanna twirled infront of her full-sized mirror, she would imagine it was Ali sitting behind her, critiquing her outfits the way she used to. Hanna wasted so many years being a chubby, clingy loser, but things were so different now.

Hanna and Mona strode into Tiffany's, the lights bouncing beautifully off of the shiny diamonds. Mona prowled around the cases then raised an eyebrow at Hanna. "Maybe a necklace?"

"What about a charm bracelet?" Hanna whispered. "Perfect"

They walked to the case and eyed the silver charm bracelet with the heart-shaped toggle. "So pretty" Mona breathed.

"Interested?" The sales lady asked them.

"Oh, I don't know," Hanna said.

"It suits you." The woman unlocked the case and reached for the bracelet. Hanna nudged Mona. "You try it."

Mona slid it on to her wrist. "It's really pretty." The woman turned to another costumer and when she did Mona took the bracelet off and slid it into her pocket. Just like that.

Hanna mashed her lips together and flagged down another saleswoman, with honey-blonde hair and coral lipstick. "Can I try that bracelet with the round charm?"

"Sure!" The girl unlocked the case. "I have one of these myself."

"How about the matching earrings, too?" Hanna pointed to a pair of beautiful silver earrings.

"Of course."

Mona had moved over to the diamonds. Hanna held the earrings and the bracelet in her hands. Suddenly, a swarm of young girls crowded around the counter, pointing to another bracelet like the one Hanna had. Hanna scanned the ceilings for cameras and the door for detectors.

"Oh, Hanna, come look at the Lucida!" Mona called.

Hanna paused. Time slowed down. She slid the bracelet on her wrist and shoved it farther up her sleeve. She stuck the earring in her purse. Hanna's heart pounded. This was the best part of taking stuff: the feeling beforehand. She felt all buzzy and alive.

"Mona waved a diamond ring at her. "Doesn't this look good on me?"

"C'mon." Hanna grabbed her arm. "Let's go to coach."

"You don't want to try any on?" Mona pouted. She always stalled after she knew Hanna done the job.

"Nah," Hanna said. "Purses are calling our names."

"All right." Mona said dramatically. She handed the ring-holding it by the diamond, which even Hanna knew you weren't supposed to do-back to the saleswoman. "These diamonds are too small," she said. "Sorry."

"We have others" The woman tried.

"Come on" Hanna said, grabbing Mona's arm. Her heart hammered as they made their way through Tiffany's. The charm tinkled on her wrist but she kept the sleeve pulled down. Hanna was a pro at this-first it was loose candy at the Wawa convenience store, then CD's from Tower, then baby tees from Ralph Lauren-and she felt bigger and more bad-ass every time. She shut her eyes and crossed the threshold, bracing herself for alarms to blare. But nothing did. They were out.

Mona squeezed her hand. "Did you get one too?"

"Of course." She flashed the bracelet around her wrist. "And these." She opened her purse and showed Mona the earrings.

"Shit." Mona's eyes widened.

Hanna smiled. Sometimes it feels good to one-up your best friend. Not wanting to jinx it, she walked quickly away from Tiffany's and listened for someone to come chasing after them. The only noise, though, was the burbling of the fountain and a Muzak version of "Oops! I Did It Again."

Oh yes, I did, Hanna thought.

***A/N*** Hey, so if you read the books this part may seem familiar, and this is from pure memory. I have like photographic memory, no need to brag or anything... jkjk lol (I only read like two chapters of the first book since that's all that I could find online) but anyway I'm trying to fit 'A' into this and I think I know where I'm going but not quite sure yet ;) but I did this so I could ask if you would PLEASE COMMENT and say who you want with who. PLEASE? I would very much appreciate it. Sorry the boys weren't in this but they won't be able to be in all the chapters but I'm coming close to when things get... creepier maybe? Idk. Anyway COMMENT!!!!!!!!!



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