Safe & Sound (1D & PLL) *On Hold*

Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily are in for a surprise. Last summer their best friend, Alison DiLaurentis, went missing. Those five used to be inseparable, but why? They were all brought together by Ali. They would always try to impress her, everyone did. Little did they know about Ali's past. Now, they are getting weird texts from an unknown number. They call them self 'A'. The girls have to be careful. Is 'A' with or against them. Or both? Now they meet the love of their life (or so they think) but what happens when 'A' threatens them? Where is Ali? Who is 'A'? Find out for your self in Safe & Sound!

**One Direction and Pretty Little Liars!!**


9. Melissa's Boyfriends



Spencer's POV

"Look at his butt!"  

"Shut up!" I knocked my friend Kirsten Cullen in the shin guard with my field hockey stick. We were supposed to be running defense drills, but we – along with the rest of the team – were too busy sizing up this year’s new assistant coach. He was none other than Ian Thomas.  

My skin prickled with adrenaline. Talk about weird; I remembered Melissa mentioning that Ian had moved to California. But then, a lot of people who you wouldn't expect ended up back in Rosewood.

"Your sister was so stupid to break up with him," Kirsten said. "He’s so hot."  

"Shhh," I answered, giggling. "And anyway, my sister didn't break up with him. He broke up with her."

The whistle blew. "Get moving!" Ian called to us, jogging over. I leaned over to tie her shoe, as if I didn't care. I felt his eyes on me.

"Spencer? Spencer Hastings?"  

I stood up slowly. "Oh. Ian, right?"  

Ian’s smile was so wide, I was surprised his cheeks didn't rip. He still had that All-American, I’m-going-to-takeover-my-father’s-company-at-twenty-five look, but now his curly hair was a little shorter and more mature. "You’re all grown up!" he cried.  

"I guess." I shrugged.  

Ian ran his hand against the back of his neck. "How’s your sister these days?"  

"Um, she’s good. Graduated early. Going to Wharton."  

Ian bent his head down. "And are her boyfriends still hitting on you?"  My mouth dropped open. Before I could answer, the head coach, Ms. Campbell, blew her whistle and called Ian over.  Kirsten grabbed my arm once his back was turned.

"You totally hooked up with him, didn't you?"  

"Shut up!" I shot back. I shifted my gaze around the open field. It was typical day here in Rosewood. For off I saw that kid I met in the library yesterday. Maybe I could sneak away without Ian noticing? I wonder if Melissa knows he's back... all I know is I should try and avoid him.   

He and Melissa used to be a thing. When I kissed Ian back in seventh grade, I told Alison about it, hoping for some advice. Ali examined her French-manicured toenails for a long moment before she finally said, "You know, I've been in your corner when it comes to Melissa. But this is different. I think you should tell her."

"Tell her?" I shot back. "No way. She’d kill me."

"What, do you think Ian’s going to go out with you?" Ali said nastily.

"I don’t know," I said. "Why not?"

Ali snorted. "If you don’t tell her, maybe I will."

"No you won’t!"

"Oh yeah?"

"If you tell Melissa," I said after a moment, my heart pounding wildly, "I’ll tell everyone about The Jenna Thing."

Ali barked out a laugh. "You’re just as guilty as I am."

I stared at Ali long and hard. "But no one saw me."

She turned to me and gave me a fierce, angry look – scarier than any look she’d ever given any of the girls before. "You know I took care of that."

Then there was that sleepover in the barn on the last day of seventh grade. When Ali said how cute Ian and Melissa were together, I realized Ali really might tell on me. Then, strangely, a light free feeling swept over me. Let her, I thought. I suddenly didn't care anymore. And even though it sounded horrible to say now, the truth was, I wanted to be free of Ali, right then and there. Then she went missing. I felt guiltier then ever the next day because I was thinking that way. Ali was my best friend, no matter how much we bickered like sisters.

I slowly hovered over towards Liam. I stopped, noticing he was talking to my sister. You have got to be kidding me, right? I popped in the conversation to see what they were talking about. 

"Hey Liam, hey Melissa!" Melissa looked at me for a long second before Liam spoke. 

"Oh, Spencer, hey." 

"Yeah, Spencer, aren't you supposed to be at field hockey?" Melissa nagged. I rolled my eyes. What is she even doing here, at my school, in Rosewood. She's supposed to be at college. 

"And aren't you supposed to be at college?" I questioned. 

"Oh Spencer, did mom and dad not tell you?" 

"Tell me what?"

"I'm moving here for business school! Won't that be great?" She said, pretending to be excited. 

"I didn't know Wharton was in Rosewood..." 

"It's not to far from here. I'll be staying in the barn for now." What? She can't be serious. I was supposed to get the barn!

"The barn's mine, Melissa. You know that."  I protested. 

"Wren and I need a place to stay." Wren? Who's Wren?

"Who's Wren?" 

"My fiance, I met him at U Penn. Don't worry, it's temporary. Once we find a place of our own the barn is all yours." A new fiance already? She couldn't have known him that long, she's only been at U Penn for a year, considering she graduated early. 

"Whatever. Goodbye Melissa." I turned around and stormed off. It's so typical for her to do this. Mom and dad were finally going to let me have the barn but when their perfect daughter comes along, everything has to be just to her needs. I had one thing to look forward to this year: moving into the converted barn that sat at the back of my family’s property. According to my parents, it was the perfect way to prepare for college – just look how well it had worked for Melissa! Barf. But I was happy to follow in my sister’s footsteps in this case, since they led out to the tranquil, light-flooded guesthouse where I could escape my parents and their constantly barking labradoodles. But no. Not even that. Melissa gets it. She gets everything. 

We had a quiet yet long-standing rivalry and I was always losing: I won the Presidential Physical Fitness Award four times in elementary school; Melissa had won it five. I got second place in the seventh-grade geography bee; Melissa got first. I was on the yearbook staff, in all of the school plays, and was taking five AP classes this year; Melissa did all those things her junior year plus worked at our mom’s horse farm and trained for the Philadelphia marathon for leukemia research. No matter how high my GPA was or how many extra-curricular's I smashed into my schedule, I never quite reached Melissa’s level of perfection. 

"Hey! Spencer! Wait up!" I stopped and looked at Liam. "You never called me"

"Oh yeah, I was busy." I looked down awkwardly. I really was busy. I was packing up to move into the barn- which now I'll have to unpack.

"Right... you know, if you're not interested you should just tell me" I like how straight-forward he is. 

"That's not it," I said, shaking my head. "I was actually packing boxes to move but now I'll be unpacking them." I sighed. I really didn't feel like doing that. Why can't Melissa just stay somewhere else? It's just not fair.

"Oh. I could help you if you'd like," he suggested, raising his eyebrows. I smiled and nodded. 

"I'd love that."

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