Safe & Sound (1D & PLL) *On Hold*

Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily are in for a surprise. Last summer their best friend, Alison DiLaurentis, went missing. Those five used to be inseparable, but why? They were all brought together by Ali. They would always try to impress her, everyone did. Little did they know about Ali's past. Now, they are getting weird texts from an unknown number. They call them self 'A'. The girls have to be careful. Is 'A' with or against them. Or both? Now they meet the love of their life (or so they think) but what happens when 'A' threatens them? Where is Ali? Who is 'A'? Find out for your self in Safe & Sound!

**One Direction and Pretty Little Liars!!**


6. All Boys Are The Same

Spencer was sitting in the library, doing her usual reading during free period. She bumped into Emily in the hallway earlier but before she could say anything Emily ran off. Spencer and the girls didn't leave off on the best note. Spencer didn't care, though. She didn't need them. She needed to concentrate on school. She wanted to make her parents proud- prouder than they are of Melissa. She knows it's a long shot but a Hastings never gives up. Never. No matter what the circumstances are you have to keep moving forward.

"Pardon me, may I?" A tall-ish boy with a nice British accent said, asking to sit on the couch next to Spencer. Rosewood wasn't a poor school. The library was full of books and if you go far enough, there's a door in the back leading to the quietest place in all of Rosewood High. That's where Spencer was. It was an off-white color a nice blue couch in the corner. Across the couch was a desk containing two computers with two chairs on wheels. It had a soft light brown carpeting and a bright ceiling fan. 

"Sure." She nodded, not acknowledging his presence. Normally, people wouldn't even know this room existed. Only bookworms or nerds and geeks. Spencer was none of the above- except a bookworm. And a nerd. And a geek. Okay, she may not be the most popular girl like Hanna but she sure was pretty. And smart. And tough. What else could you ask for?

She decided to steal a glance at the boy sitting next to her- the curiosity killing her. She didn't recognize his voice. She turned her head towards him to see a handsome boy with with brownish hair, and chocolate brown eyes. He was reading a book as well. Spencer didn't realize he looked up and saw her staring.

"I'm new" he said, smiling gently.

Spencer snapped out of whatever trance she was in and smiled back. "I knew I didn't recognize you." 

"I'm Liam"

"Spencer" She looked at him, taking in his facial features. She had to admit, he was pretty cute. Being British makes it even cuter.

"Nice to meet you Spencer." The started talking about what it was like back where he was from and how Pennsylvania is probably not even worth living in. They shared some laughs and Spencer had just made a friend, which is something she hasn't done for a while.

She had to admit, Liam is perfect. He is just her type. But a boyfriend is the last thing Spencer needed right now. Although, her thoughts drifted. Maybe I could make an exception? No! Spencer! You need to concentrate on your school work if you want to go to an even decent college.

"Well, here's my number, call me sometime." He said, walking out of the room, leaving Spencer back to her quiet and loneliness. She stuck the paper in her pocket and on cue, the bell rang signalling she had three and a half minutes to get to her next period. And she was never late.

Aria's POV

"Well, here's my number, call me sometime." Liam said to Spencer. I couldn't believe it. I really thought we hit it off! I guess he is no different than any other boy on this planet. I really thought he was though. I sighed and went between the many bookcases, so I wouldn't get spotted. Thankfully, the bell rang and her rushed out.

"Are we hiding from somebody?" Someone said, sneaking up behind me. I spun around, making my face only inches from Noel Kahn's. 

"We aren't doing anything." I said, rather harshly, and walking away. Noel was just a jerk. He never noticed me before... so why now? I could really care less. Next up, my favorite class. English.

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