Just For A While

Rose has been bullied by Tiffany for a very long time. She always tried to ruin the friendship between Rose and her best friend Tori.
When Tiffany insults Rose with the fact she never had a boyfriend before, Rose claims she has one, even though she doesn't. Her friend Niall offers to be her 'fake boyfriend', but what happens when Rose is really starting to like Niall? For how long will they be able to fool everybody? Who will Niall believe?
Read it and find out!


2. Tori



After I opened the door, I saw that Tori was already there, sitting on her bed with her laptop.  “Rose!” She screamed as she saw me and she put her laptop away. “Tori!” I also screamed. I dropped my bag and ran towards her. She gave me a big hug and we both laughed. “How are you?” she asked me, still with a smile on her face. “I’m good, thank you! How was your vacation?” “Also very good, haha” she answered. “But I missed you,” she said while she pulled her lower lip out. I laughed. “I missed you too!” We laughed again.

After we talked a bit about our vacation I told her about what just happened. “Oh, I totally forgot to tell you! I just bumped into a boy who was very handsome and he had like the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen!” “What colour?” Tori asked me excitedly. “Bright blue,” I said. “What does he look like” she asked curiously. “He had blond hear, really cute teeth and he had this adorable Irish accent.”  Tori sighed. “I love Irish accents…” she said. “And,” I continued, “I’ve saved the best part; he just walked me to my room because he felt bad for making drop my bag!” “Oh my god, that’s so sweet! He is a true gentleman,” she smiled at me. “I guess he is,” I said, also smiling. “So,” Tori said, “what are you going to do now?” “I don’t know. He said we would probably be seeing each other around, so I guess I’ll see him again.” I said happily.

I had missed this so much. Just talking with Tori about guys and stuff. She really was my best friend and I couldn’t imagine school without her.

When I saw it was already 10 PM I told her we should get to bed, since the school was pretty strict. She nodded and we both changed clothes and brushed our teeth and stuff. Then we went to bed and just talked about casual things, like what we would wear tomorrow, which lessons we had and those kind of things that weren’t really important but that didn’t matter. When we finally fell asleep it was two hours later and we were really tired. I dreamed of bright blue eyes and Irish accents.



I couldn’t really fall asleep that night. I didn’t really know what was bothering me. Maybe it was the fact that I was really hungry since I had barely eaten that day. But that was nothing odd  since I was almost always hungry. Maybe I was just nervous because tomorrow was the first day on a new school? But actually I was quite sure that it was that girl, Rose. There was something about her that made it very difficult to get her out of my head. When I checked my phone I saw it was already 02:16 AM. I only had five hours left to sleep. I sighed. But luckily only five minutes later I was fast asleep.

I woke up by someone shouting in my ear. “Niall! Wake up!” I sighed. “What time is it?” I asked sleepy. “It’s already 08:00 AM so you’ve only got twenty minutes left!” my roommate and friend Liam said. “What?” I said chocked and jumped out of bed. “Why didn’t you wake me up!” “I’m sorry mate, I thought you were already out of bed,” Liam apologized. I ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower. I dried my hear and just putted some random clothes on. Then I started eating breakfast. Liam looked at me and shook his head. “How can you possibly eat that much when it’s only for breakfast?” I shrugged.

I didn’t know how we made it, but we weren’t too late, although it was really close. 

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