Just For A While

Rose has been bullied by Tiffany for a very long time. She always tried to ruin the friendship between Rose and her best friend Tori.
When Tiffany insults Rose with the fact she never had a boyfriend before, Rose claims she has one, even though she doesn't. Her friend Niall offers to be her 'fake boyfriend', but what happens when Rose is really starting to like Niall? For how long will they be able to fool everybody? Who will Niall believe?
Read it and find out!


9. Stuck with me



I couldn't tell how grateful I was that Niall was willing to be my fake boyfriend for a while. I just felt so bad for putting him in this situation. I wouldn’t like to be someone’s fake girlfriend. But for some reason I didn't mind Niall and me being in a fake relationship. Was I falling for this boy? The thought of me and Niall being together, even though it wasn’t for real, made me feel all happy and warm inside. It felt so right.

But I knew I couldn’t think those thoughts. I couldn’t think of me and Niall together, as a couple. It was only fake, and just for a while. Until everybody had forgotten about us being together. Then we would ‘break up’, and go back to our normal lives. I hoped our ‘relation’ would last a while, but on the other hand I hoped it would be over soon, to make things easier. And for Niall to be able to live his own life again. Not being stuck with me. But I wanted us so badly to be together for a while.

When we arrived at the teachers’ house, almost everybody else was already there. I was standing next to Niall, since we were ‘dating’. A group of girls I didn’t know the name of were walking towards us and Niall grabbed my hand. “It must look real,” he whispered in my ear. I smiled at him. “Hey,” one of them said. “Is it true you two are dating?” “Yes, we are,” Niall said. “Who told you that?” “Oh,” another girl said, “Tiffany is telling everyone you are ‘fake dating’. I think she’s jealous, because you two make a cute couple.” “Thanks,” Niall said, smiling at me. “And we’re really dating. Why would we fake something?” She shrugged. “I don't know, I didn’t believe Tiffany.” They walked away and I looked up at Niall since he was taller than me. “Sounds like Tiffany didn’t believe us,” I said worried. He shrugged. “As long as the others believe it, she can’t do anything.” “That’s true,” I admitted. “You’re a great actor, by the way,” I smiled at him. “It’s not that hard,” he mumbled. I wanted to ask what he meant, but before I could, miss. Andrews started talking.
“Hello everybody, and good morning. I assume everybody already had breakfast, so I’ll just get started. Today, we’re going rafting.” There were a lot of people screaming. Some people in excitement, and some people in fear. “In each boat two people. There are also five guides who will go in separated boats and they will keep an eye on you and make sure nothing happens. I wish you much luck and above all, have fun!”



Rose and I walked towards the vans that would bring us to the place where we would get into the water. One van could take six people, so you would go with the people you also share a house with. Great. We had to see Tiffany’s face again. When we got there, the others were already there, but there was only one seat left. Tiffany had to put her bag on the seat next to her, because ‘the ground was dirty’. “And that shouldn’t be a problem. You two are dating, aren’t you,” she said with a mean smile on her face. “Or are you to fat to sit on his lap?” Rose ignored her and sat down on my lap. She wasn’t heavy at all. Rose turned her back towards Tiffany and laid her head on my shoulder and I kissed her hair. I could see Tiffany getting very irritated so I smiled and kissed her hair again and started stroking it.

When we arrived we had to wait until all the others were there. Of course, me and Rose would go together. It would be weird if we wouldn’t. “Do the others know we are ‘dating’?” Rose asked me. “Oh, they don’t. I’ll text Liam, Zayn and Louis.” “Alright, I’ll text Kaithlin, Abby and Yaede.” We both took out our phones and texted them, to tell that we were fake-dating and that we would explain later. We didn’t see if they replied because we had to give our phones to miss. Andrews so she could keep them safe from the water. I hoped they got our texts in time, or things would become complicated. 

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