Just For A While

Rose has been bullied by Tiffany for a very long time. She always tried to ruin the friendship between Rose and her best friend Tori.
When Tiffany insults Rose with the fact she never had a boyfriend before, Rose claims she has one, even though she doesn't. Her friend Niall offers to be her 'fake boyfriend', but what happens when Rose is really starting to like Niall? For how long will they be able to fool everybody? Who will Niall believe?
Read it and find out!


19. Never forgiven



Next morning when I woke up, Harry was still asleep. When I went to the small kitchen to grab something to eat I passed by Rose, who was walking towards her room.
“Good morning,” I smiled. She didn’t answer, but just walked past me. I was immediately worried about what was going on, but it didn’t seem like she wanted to talk to me right now, so I pushed that thought aside. It would have to wait until she was feeling better.
To my surprise, I saw Tiffany sitting at the kitchen table, playing with her mobile phone. I felt anger building up inside my chest. Could it have been something she’d done? I tried to act normal, but I couldn’t help but ignore her. She didn’t seem to care, she was ignoring me as well anyways.
After I had some cereal I walked back to my room to check up Harry. Unfortunately, he was still fast asleep. I went to the bathroom to take a quick shower, but it didn’t help to erase my worried thoughts about Rose.
What was bothering her? And harry was right. Our ‘relationship’ couldn’t last forever. But when would be a good time to break up? Was there a good time to break up anyways? I guess not. Tiffany would be able to turn anything in an embarrassing and painful experience for Rose.
I just couldn’t understand why somebody would want to hurt Rose in that way. She was so sweet and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Maybe there was more. More than what Rose had told me when we were alone at the river. Then an idea popped into my head. Maybe I would be able to figure that out if I’d ask Tiffany. It was not that I didn’t trust Rose, it was just that I didn’t think she wanted to tell me the entire story. For any reason at all.
I got out of the shower, and dried my body with a towel. I was going to ask Tiffany right now.

I walked back into the kitchen again and Tiffany was still there, with Justin this time. I sighed. That did not go as planned. “Uhm, Tiffany, could I please talk to you in private for a second?” I asked. She looked at me suspiciously. I could see her thinking; ‘Why would he want to talk to me?’ With a little hand gesture she waved Justin out of the room. He was like her little dog. I chuckled a little at that thought.
“So,” she asked, and raised her eyebrows. “What do you want to talk about?” I decided to cut to the case straight away. “What happened between you and Rose?” A little smile spread on her face but it soon faded away. “It’s… complicated. It’s not something I like to talk about,” she said. This surprised me. I’d expected some kind of anger explosion, but not this. She looked genuinely sad. She looked down at her feet and I thought she wouldn’t tell me. But she did.
“I don’t know if she told you, but Rose  and I were best friends once. We shared everything together and really thought our friendship would last forever. I was going through a really bad time back then, with my parents were going through a divorce and they were fighting all the time.  In the beginning, Rose was there for me all the time, but I guess she got bored. She wanted to have fun, instead of listening to me crying about another fight. She started ignoring me, and apart from her I didn’t have any friends so I got lonely. I had nobody to talk to, no shoulder to cry on. I just couldn’t believe that after all we’d been through together she would just dump me like that. I was also very insecure and it only got worse.” I could see the tears forming in her eyes. “In fact, I’m still insecure. I just try to hide it by being mean to everybody, especially Rose. I’ve never forgiven her. She was my only friend and she just…”
Her voice faded away. I didn’t really know what to do or what to believe. Could it be that I had been wrong about Rose? Maybe she wasn’t the cute, innocent little girl I thought to know. I caressed Tiffany’s back in an attempt to comfort her. “I’m going to take a shower,” she mumbled. I nodded. She quickly walked away, towards the bathroom. I was still sitting in the kitchen, my head in my hands. I hadn’t really gotten any wiser by talking to Tiffany. In fact, I was only more confused right now. I had a lot to think about, but not right now. I went back to my room that was now empty. I guessed Harry was out or something. I grabbed my guitar and started playing one of my favourites songs to play. All The Little Lights from Passenger. It always helped to clear my mind.

We’re born with millions of little lights shining in the dark

And they show us the way

One lights up

Every time you feel love in your heart

One dies when it moves away

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