Just For A While

Rose has been bullied by Tiffany for a very long time. She always tried to ruin the friendship between Rose and her best friend Tori.
When Tiffany insults Rose with the fact she never had a boyfriend before, Rose claims she has one, even though she doesn't. Her friend Niall offers to be her 'fake boyfriend', but what happens when Rose is really starting to like Niall? For how long will they be able to fool everybody? Who will Niall believe?
Read it and find out!


20. Checkmate


When I woke up that morning I had a really bad headache. I got out of bed and decided to go to the kitchen to get something to eat and to drink some water.
When I walked in I immediately had the urge to turn around and crawl back in bed. But I didn’t want her  to scare me away, so I just ignored Tiffany and poured some cereal in a bowl. I glanced at her and saw she was doing her nails. I rolled my eyes and sat down at the table, as far away from her as possible. After a little while I noticed she was looking at me.
“What are you looking at,” I snapped. She shrugged. “Nothing, I was just thinking…” She paused. “I’m just impressed. I didn’t know you had it in you to be a slut. Even more than I am.”
“What are you talking about,” I said. I sounded irritated and confident, but on the inside I was terrified. “You know exactly what I’m talking about.” She couldn’t know. It was impossible. Had we not been convincing enough? Had I done something wrong?
“Well actually I don’t, so if you would be so kind to tell me?” I asked sweetly, knowing it would annoy her. Tiffany rolled her eyes. “Don’t pretend like you don’t know. You wouldn’t want everybody to know your little secret. Would you?” I swallowed hard.
“What do you want,” I growled defeated. She shrugged. “I’ll think of something. In the meantime you can just keep performing your cute little play. And don’t tell everybody about this.” “Why not?” A little smile appeared on her mouth.
“I want you to be alone in this.”

I shoved my bowl that was still half-full harshly away and stood up. I turned around and walked away. I didn’t want her to see the tears in my eyes. I wouldn’t give her that pleasure. She had me exactly where she wanted me. Under her control. Checkmate. She won.
I collapsed on my bed and was just laying there, looking up at the ceiling. My mind was empty, not a single thought crossed my mind. I let out a sigh that turned into a sob. I was glad Tori was still fast asleep. I was sure that if somebody would hug me right now, or even just talk to me, I would break down. I turned around, my head facing the wall beside me. I hid my face in my pillow and fell into a restless sleep.



When I walked out of the kitchen I was very confused. I knew I should believe Rose, but something told me Rose hadn’t been completely honest with her story. She didn’t think she lied to me, but I just knew there was something she hadn’t told me yet. I didn’t know what to do. Go check up on Rose, or just go back to my room. I wasn’t sure if Rose wanted to see anyone right now, so I just went back to my room, see if Harry was awake.
After an entirely wasted day on being bored, the ginger haired guy – who was apparently called Edward – that had played the guitar and had sung back in the cave, came at our little house, to tell us that there was going to be more rain so that everybody should stay inside. There would be pizza delivered at our house so we didn’t have to go eat with all the others in the pouring rain.
I wasn’t too happy about this news. Rose still hadn’t showed herself, and Tori didn’t know what was going on either. All that Rose told her was that she had a really bad headache and that she didn’t feel like getting up. So we just let her be. Sometimes I glanced at Tiffany, and noticed that she had a satisfied little smirk on her face. Sometimes we made eye contact and then her smirk would even grow bigger. I shook my head slightly.
I had to talk to Rose.

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