Just For A While

Rose has been bullied by Tiffany for a very long time. She always tried to ruin the friendship between Rose and her best friend Tori.
When Tiffany insults Rose with the fact she never had a boyfriend before, Rose claims she has one, even though she doesn't. Her friend Niall offers to be her 'fake boyfriend', but what happens when Rose is really starting to like Niall? For how long will they be able to fool everybody? Who will Niall believe?
Read it and find out!


12. As long as it lasts



When I pulled away, I looked her in the eyes and tried to figure out what she was thinking. Was she mad at me for kissing her? Was she okay with it? I guess she was just very confused because she looked at me with big eyes, and the look in her eyes was almost scared.
“Rose, I’m so sorry. Those bitches were sending nasty glared and it was just impulse, I’m really sorry…” “No, it’s fine,” she interrupted me with tears in her eyes. “You’re amazing, for willing to do this for me, it’s just… I’m not really used to this.” “To what?” “Well, you know. Having a boyfriend and stuff. I never had one so I’m quite insecure about this.” I pulled her into a hug and she buried her head in my chest. “I’m sorry, I really am. I should have remembered you never had a boyfriend,” I whispered in her ear, and I could feel her calming down.
We stood there for a minute before she spoke again. “I don’t even know why I’m crying,” she whispered with a slight smile. “It’s okay babe,” I said and rubbed her back. She let out a deep sigh and pulled away. She looked me in the eyes and smiled slightly. “I’m fine,” she said. “You sure?” I asked her worried. “Positive,” she answered with a smile. “Does it look like I cried?” she asked me with a slight chuckle. I smiled and wiped the mascara underneath her eyes away. “Just a little,” I said and smiled at her. She laughed and we walked off towards our friends who were sending us worried glares. I wrapped my arm around her waist and she laid her head on my shoulder and sighed once again. I pulled back immediately but she stopped me. “No, it’s fine,” she smiled. I smiled back, a little unsecure, but wrapped my arm around her waist again. I smiled.



A thousand thoughts were running through my mind. “I don’t even know why I’m crying,” I whispered. I really didn’t know. Niall kissing me was one of the best feelings I’d ever experienced in my entire life, but yet I was crying. I was so confused and didn’t really know what to do or how to react. I had been rejected for so many times it just felt so unreal to feel loved for once. I knew I shouldn’t get attached to this feeling though. I was all fake and wouldn’t last. But how can something feel so right, so good, when you know it’s all just an illusion? If this was all just a beautiful dream and I would wake up this morning in my own bed it wouldn’t be more realistic. I had to remember, this could all be over in blink of my eye. I shouldn’t be wasting time with crying over stupid things I didn’t even understand. I pulled away and looked in Niall’s blue eyes. “I’m fine,” I said and smiled slightly. “You sure?” he asked me. He’s such a sweetheart. “Positive,” I replied. 
“Does it look like I cried?” I asked with a slight chuckle. He smiled and wiped the mascara underneath my eyes away which caused me to smile again. “Just a little,” he said and smiled. I laughed and we walked towards our friends.
When he wrapped his arm around my waist, I felt the tears already welling up in my eyes. But I banned the insecure thoughts and laid my head on his shoulder. I let out a deep sigh. Niall pulled back immediately but I stopped him. I had to accept the feelings. “It’s fine,” I said and smiled at him. He smiled back and wrapped his arm around my waist again. I smiled.
I would enjoy this as long as it lasted. 

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