mirror mirror~zyan fanfic ..REAL VERSION..

Ok so i for got my other movellas acc. so i got this one and this is the story that i will be updating so please ignore the other ones So ya....bye :)~Nialls_my_krypitonite and my new one _1D_101 ya i know its lame but i couldnt think of any thing else so.....heres the bio: Zyan and Perrie brake up when zyan forgets there anniversy one the other hand isabell a.k.a izzy is going to a One Direction concert with her best friend alison a.k.a ali and thought the story things twist and turn....


1. ~note~

Hey guy i for got my other acc. so i made this one will be continuing the same story just with this acc.... ok so more info about that in the bio...


BYE :)<3 ~_1D_101

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