Over Again

Amanda is a normal girl and a normal high school. Her best friend, Max, has always helped her through the millions of rumors made up about her and even them. When Amanda and Max meet a group of new kids, they arent sure whether to trust them or not. Will they end up friends? More than friends? Enemys?


13. the message

*apparently you guys want an update :) up to 423 views now so here's your update :) thanks for  reading and follow me on Twitter @1D_lover0723*


Harry's POV

I saw Louis out of the corner of my eye after I had kissed Amanda. I felt bad but at the same time, he cheated on her and she doesn't deserve that. She was looking at me for awhile before I spoke up.

"Wanna explain why you're staring at my beautiful face?" I said, with a cheeky grin.

"I kinda want an explanation for why you kissed me." She said.

"Hey, you kissed back. But to answer your question, you deserve better than Louis. And not to sound to selfish here but, I think I'm up for the job." 

She pecked my lips before saying something I never would've expected.

"Maybe you can show Louis how to really treat me then." She said, walking away.

She was playing hard to get, and I honestly thought that was pretty hot. I had heard my phone beep, so I took it out to see who was texting me. There was a text from Louis.

From: Louis

I saw everything. You can have my sloppy seconds. Oh and btw, she's not that good in bed.

I flipped when I read this and headed towards the waiting room. There he sat with that stupid fucking grin he always had when he felt proud of himself. So cocky and sassy. I went over to him and whispered in his ear.

"She never really was yours, ya know? She's different and unlike you, clean and has some respect for herself. I guess I will find out she is in bed, right mate?" 

Then I walked away with that same look that he had, feeling good about myself. I walked over to Amanda and out my arm around her. She looked upset but I'm not sure why. 

"What's the matter babe?" she asked, probably wondering why I was staring at her.

"I was about to ask you the same thing." I replied.

"I was just thinking about everything that's gone on. What about you?"

"Oh it's nothing." I said taking my phone out.

She took the phone out my hand and I tried to get it before she started going through my messages. But when she dropped the phone and ran out, I knew that she had found the message. 

*what message do you think she found? Was it the one from Louis or one from someone else? Comment what you think. Thanks guys, love you xx -Amanda*


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