Over Again

Amanda is a normal girl and a normal high school. Her best friend, Max, has always helped her through the millions of rumors made up about her and even them. When Amanda and Max meet a group of new kids, they arent sure whether to trust them or not. Will they end up friends? More than friends? Enemys?


8. little note (NOT A CHAPTER, PLEASE READ)

*Ok so i have finally decided that every thursday, I will actually update. I'm so sorry that I haven't updated but I'm almost done with school. 2 exams next week and then I'm done :) Hope you like this new chapter and leave any suggestions. Follow me on twitter: @1D_lover0723. Add me on facebook: Amanda Coffey or email me: amandacoffey16@gmail.com    acoffey16@yahoo.com . Thanks and love you guys <3 *

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