Over Again

Amanda is a normal girl and a normal high school. Her best friend, Max, has always helped her through the millions of rumors made up about her and even them. When Amanda and Max meet a group of new kids, they arent sure whether to trust them or not. Will they end up friends? More than friends? Enemys?


9. Liar

Amanda's POV

I can't believe Niall did this to himself. I feel like it's my fault because I told Louis, but I didn't want to keep secrets in this new relationship. It would only cause problems. We were on our way to the hospital and Liam was paranoid because he was supposed to be the "leader" of them (the group of boys). I tried to calm him down, but there was just no way I could.

When we got to the hospital, we had to wait a little while to get into his room. They had been running tests and checking up on him too much in such a small time frame. Once they were done, they told us we were able to go see him.

I walked in and burst into tears again. I didn't want to see him like this. He was just on the bed, laying there, lifeless. It was all my fault too. Louis had gotten a call and went in the hall while Zayn and Liam went to go get food. That basically left me and Harry in the room. Harry came over and put his arm around me, trying to comfort me. He saw that it wasn't working.

"You know he's going to wake up, right?" he said.

"I'm just scared. What if he doesn't wake up? What if he blames me?" I replied.

"You can't worry youself like this." He said.

I was about to reply but Louis came back in.

"Hey Amanda. I'm about to go out to dinner with someone. I'll be back as soon as I can, promise." He said.

"Who are you going out with?" I questioned.

"Michael. He's an old friend from back home. Just decided to visit, called me up and I didn't want to turn him down." He said, looking kinda guilty.

"Ok, have fun."

"Thanks, bye."

Louis had just left the room when I asked Harry for a favor.

"I know I sound like a really protective 'girlfriend' right now, but follow him and see who he's really going out to dinner with. Don't make yourself obvious please."

"Anything for you my love." He said in a sarcastic tone and left.

Liam and Zayn had just come back about 5 minutes after Harry left.

"Where did Louis and Harry go?" Liam asked, confused.

"Louis went out and Harry's doing a favor for me." I smiled, innocently.

They both just nodded their heads. At least they bought it, because that would've been awkward to explain. We all just sat there for about 2 hours and then a nurse finally came in. She told us to go home, but I refused and she really didnt care. She let us stay, but Zayn ended up going home. Suddenly, Harry rushed in and told me that I couldn't go home.

"Um, dont you think thats kinda up to me? You know, since it's my house. Well and kinda Louis since he's staying there." I replied in a mean tone, but smiling at the thought of Louis.

Who was he to tell me if I could go back to my house or not? I rushed out of the room to go to my house, to prove my point. Harry tried telling me it wasn't a good idea, but I just ignored him. Once i got home, I saw that Louis was home. I went in quietly because I didnt want to wake him, since he was probably asleep. I got upstairs and I noticed that Louis shirt was on the floor in the hall, along with another girl's shirt and bra. I knew that they were someone elses, because I know what clothes I have. Then i heard a moan come from MY room.

*I'm sooooo sorry. I will try to start updating. This was suppposed to be published yesterday but I was busy. You know how summer is :) Let me know what you think and follow me on twitter @1D_lover0723 :) thanks xx*

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