Over Again

Amanda is a normal girl and a normal high school. Her best friend, Max, has always helped her through the millions of rumors made up about her and even them. When Amanda and Max meet a group of new kids, they arent sure whether to trust them or not. Will they end up friends? More than friends? Enemys?


5. First time

Sorry for not updating for like ever. I have been so busy and I hope to start updating every couple days or everyday. Hope you like this chapter. Sorry for it being so short and boring. It will  start getting good soon.


Amanda's POV

As soon as we walked  in, I slammed him against the door. I wanted him as soon  as I could have him. He  was looking so good all night and I just couldn' t handle him  dressed too much longer.

"Amanda, are you sure about this?" Lou said in between breaths. 

"If I wasn't, I wouldn't be doing this." 

He then moaned as I sucked on his neck. He grabbed my boob which turned me on  so I led him to my room. He slammed me down on my bed and starting stripping  me. He was almost undressed but I took care of that very quickly. It took a lot of play time before he actually entered me. 

After, we both collapsed on the bed. 

" I've been waiting to that to do you since the day I met you." He  said breathing heavily. 

"Thank you." I whispered. 

I fell asleep in his arms about an hour after. Even though I barely knew him, I was already falling for him. Damn, this boy was too much too handle. 

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