Mr. X

Well, have you heard about Samantha Xavier? Well if you haven't she went to MSG (madison square garden) and had a gun in her purse. She was trying to kill whoever was on stage... and that person was Harry Styles. Thankfully the police found her and arrested her, but this is about Samantha Xavier and she's falling in love with Harry.. Until her boss is making her kill him and go by the pseudonymous name, Mr. X... I hope you read this book and like it! Comments are appreciated and so are favouriting. Okay welll.... Byee<3


4. The Horrible Plan

"Harry?" I ask. "Harry Styles?"

He smiles, and nods, his curly hair shaking on his head. "Yes, the one and only."

I'm speechless. I just stare at him, my mouth hanging open. I probably look terrible. Not only because I look like a dumbstruck idiot, but because tears start to form in my eyes as I think about what Mr. Calzone is making me do tonight.

"Oh, don't cry. A beautiful face like yours shouldn't be tearstained." Harry says sympathetically.


"You're not used to compliments, are you, love?"

"No. My boss abuses me and my only friend out here is Lee." I point to my friend, who's pouring coffee like a lunatic, for whatever reason.

"Um, can I autograph?" I ask, smiling shyly.

"Of course!" he signs the napkin that I grabbed from the counter and left.

"Oh my god..." I mutter to myself, staring at the napkin.

"What?" Lee asks, bringing two lattes to the counter.

"I just met...Harry freakin' Styles..."

"No way! You're kidding, right?"

"N-no, I'm not."

After work, we go home and just mope around.

"What are we gonna do? I don't want to go to Mr. Calzone's house!" I say to Lee, freaking out.

"Try to...make a deal with him. Tell him you'll do anything, just not...ya know."

"Yeah...good idea. I'll make a deal with him...anything but..." we shudder at the thought.

Lee and I thought enough and decided on making a deal with our boss.

I drive to his house at 6 and wait, trying to calm myself. How many people did he do this to?

He opens the door, smiling evilly. "Hello, Samantha."

"Hi, Mr. Calzone. Can I make a deal with you?"

"A deal? Possibly."

"I'll do anything...anything at all. This is not exactly where I'd like to spend my evening."

"Well, I have been looking for someone to help with a plan I have. Sit down. I'll tell you." he was still smiling evilly and creepily. I knew that I would not like this.

"Well, Samantha, as you probably know, I hate One Direction. I'd do anything to get rid of them. Would you mind helping me?"

I don't know what to say. I absolutely LOVE One Direction. It would kill me to try and get rid of them.


"It's either that, or-"

"NO! Just, tell me more." I say reluctantly.

"You have to pose as a man. You're anonymous, alright Sam? You're going to hate so much on them...threaten them. And then, for the grand finale, you will kill Harry Styles at Madison Square Garden."

I can't do it. Anything is better than killing the singer that I've fallen in love with. I'd hate myself. I'd hate the world. There'd be no point in living if there's no Harry Styles.


A/N Hey guys, it's Hailey_the_Unicorn, co-authoring with Emily! How's the story so far? Leave some feedback! Love ya! -Hailey xx <3


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