Mr. X

Well, have you heard about Samantha Xavier? Well if you haven't she went to MSG (madison square garden) and had a gun in her purse. She was trying to kill whoever was on stage... and that person was Harry Styles. Thankfully the police found her and arrested her, but this is about Samantha Xavier and she's falling in love with Harry.. Until her boss is making her kill him and go by the pseudonymous name, Mr. X... I hope you read this book and like it! Comments are appreciated and so are favouriting. Okay welll.... Byee<3


3. Starbucks

Thankfully our boss didn't see that we were late.. but there was a huge line of customers already forming. Lee takes the orders and I make them. So I have a pretty big part. I was making a iced coffee when I was thinking, 'Right now I could have been in line for 1D's concert tickets. I could have been waiting for their meet and greet.

"Hey.. um, Sam?" I hear Lee saying to me.

"Yes?" I say, why is she talking to me while we're working.. we could get in trouble!

"You might want to stop daydreaming and look down at what your doing.." She says looking at me with a grin starting to form on her face. I look down to find i spilled the whole iced coffee down my shirt.

"Oh no! Lee, can you manage while I go clean up?"

"Sam.. if you can see, we don't have a line at all.. just someone waiting impatiently for their iced coffee. But don't worry, I will make one for them and not spill it on me." She says winking at me. I playfully punch her and walk off to the restrooms.

"Agh, watch where your going!" I look up to see its my boss... Mr. Calzone. He's pretty plump with a double chin and nerdy looking glasses. "Hold on... why aren't you working!?" He says while slapping me. Oh did i mention? He abuses me..

"I spilled an iced coffee over myself. And-"

"You know what that means Sam. Come over to my house tonight." I've heard what he's done to people when they mess something up.. he's has s e x with them. "Haha thats right." He says... I forget about cleaning up and walk away. I then feel his big hand groping my ass. "That's a little sneak peak of what's going to happen tonight." He says. I can feel the lust in his voice. I get back to Lee and she looks at me worried.

"Whats wrong Sam?" I guess I was crying but she comes over to me and gives me a hug.

"Mr Calzone... He.. he..-"

"No! He doesn't want you to come to his house, does he?

I didn't answer at first."... yes"

It was lunch break so Lee took me into the storage room. She took out her bag and her makeup. She did my makeup all over again so none of the customers would notice i was crying. "Thanks Lee, you're the best."

"No problem, but I think we should get back. I heard the bell go off." We walk back to the stand. I zoned out whoever was talking to Lee. "Hey Sam, we need 2 egg nog latte's, 1 Iced caramel macchiato, 1 peppermint mocha and a gingerbread latte. Make sure you put it on a tray to go."

'Wow, thats a lot' I think to myself. So i start to make the egg nog's. before I know it, I'm finished with the gingerbread latte and put it on the tray. I try not to make eye contact with the customer I'm giving the drinks to, thinking I still look sad. "Thank you. Have a nice day." I say handing the person the tray.

"You too love" A thick raspy voice full of english accent says. He sounds so familiar. Like I know him from somewhere. But its probably a coincedence. "Here you go. take the tip, you've worked too hard making those all for us."

"No, It's okay." I say pushing the money back into his hands. Suddenly I see that his hands are freakishly big... bigger than normal.. 'No, it can't be.' I then look up. "Harry?"

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