Mr. X

Well, have you heard about Samantha Xavier? Well if you haven't she went to MSG (madison square garden) and had a gun in her purse. She was trying to kill whoever was on stage... and that person was Harry Styles. Thankfully the police found her and arrested her, but this is about Samantha Xavier and she's falling in love with Harry.. Until her boss is making her kill him and go by the pseudonymous name, Mr. X... I hope you read this book and like it! Comments are appreciated and so are favouriting. Okay welll.... Byee<3


2. Getting Ready

My whole body's shaking, whats going on? I sit up straight in my bed only to see Lee jumping on me. "Get up Sam! Get up!" She screams at me.

"No." I say grogily pulling the covers over my face. Then I remember what we have today. Work. "Fine. I'm getting up." I say to Lee.

"Haha thought you would remember." Lee says in me while walking to her closet. I go to my bathroom. I get a shower and throw on my green starbucks shirt with khakis. I then go over to my vanity and get my makeup out.

'hmm..' I think to myself. 'What kind of makeup should I wear?' Thats when Lee walks in.

"hey sammy, hey! let me do your makeup!." She says to me.

"um remember the last time i let you do that?" I say reminding her. If your confused what happened is that i let lee do my makeup and she made me look like a clown! Everyone laughed at me. Worst day of my life.

"I promise that won't happen this time!" She says going over to get my makeup and opening my eyeshadow kit. She picks the lightest shade of brown and applies it on. She then puts on my black eyeliner and mascara. "Voila." She says stepping back to look at me. "Oh I almost forgot!" She goes over to get one of my hair scrunchies and puts my brown hair back in a fishtail braid.

I stand up to look in the mirror. "Wow Lee, I think you did a great job." I say stepping back and admiring my face. I've never really put that much time into my hair and makeup. and I think I know why now..


"LEE! We're late for work!!!!"



Note From the Author:

I'm not going to keep on adding on to Save You Tonight. Its just not turning out how I thought it would. I might add chapters to 'The Band That Never Existed' But for now this is going to be my main story. I really hope you guys liked this chapter.. and don't worry. Its going to get good soon! (If it hasn't already been for you.) Anyways, Love yous! <3                                                                 -xxEmily<3xx

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