Mr. X

Well, have you heard about Samantha Xavier? Well if you haven't she went to MSG (madison square garden) and had a gun in her purse. She was trying to kill whoever was on stage... and that person was Harry Styles. Thankfully the police found her and arrested her, but this is about Samantha Xavier and she's falling in love with Harry.. Until her boss is making her kill him and go by the pseudonymous name, Mr. X... I hope you read this book and like it! Comments are appreciated and so are favouriting. Okay welll.... Byee<3


1. Introducing Me

My name's Samantha Xavier. I'm absolutley in love with One Direction. I go to college in New York and don't have a family. They all died in 9/11. I was the only one they managed to get out before the twin towers collapsed on them. But right now i'm watching 1D on the news. I just want to meet them once before I die. Just once. "Omigod!" I scream. 

"Shh.. be quiet Sam." Lee, my roomate says to me while trying to sleep.

"It's not my fault that we have a different time zone than them." I say back. But quietly so I can hear the tv. But back to the tv.. and why i was screaming, They were saying that they will be coming to New York... to perform at Madison Square Garden!! I'm so close to there, but its never going to happen Lee and I both have to work all the time at Starbucks.. oh well. "Hey look Lee! Its a shooting star!"

"Oh fine. I'll make a wish... what are you wishing for Sam?" She asks me.

I make my wish, then I finally answer. "I wished that something lucky would happen to us in the future."

(And that's exactly what was going to happen.)

Note From The Author:

I really hope it's not too short... sorry if it is. Please leave feedback!! <3 Love You!




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