Emma is a foster girl that has ran away from her foster home and she has the most exciting trips to where she will end up she's not sure about telling anyone her secret and where she ends up in the last place she is amazed to who she will run into


6. Chapter 6

When all the guys heard the door close they all stopped what they were doing and looked up and ran to Emma picked her up and squeezed her until she couldn't breathe. "guys! Put me down!" "we are just really happy to see you!" Liam yelled. Harry did not run up to Emma he stood there and waited for his turn when they all got out of the way. They put Emma down and got out of the way for Harry. Harry picked Emma up kissed her on the forehead and set her on the ground, by now he was crying. "I didn't mean it! I really really really didn't mean it! I'm so sorry please forgive me!" Harry said "it's ok, I guess I took it too seriously, I didn't know you didn't mean it" Emma said, and hugged Harry.

That night they all went out to a fancy dinner. And when they came home that night there were police cars all around the house. "oh my god! They are coming to take me back, I don't want to go back! Please! Don't let them take me back! Please don't!" Emma said "don't worry we won't let anyone take you away from us" Zayn said and hid me behind him. "do you guys know about a little girl Emma that has recently ran away from southern NY USA?" a officer asked "no sir we don't" Zayn said. "what's that behind you?" he asked "there's nothing behind me, what are you talking about?" Zayn said. The officer shoved Zayn out of the way and Emma was close to the ground. The officer grabbed her by the wrist and the other guys started pulling Emma closer to them and far away from the officer. "I will not let you do that!" Harry yelled pulling Emma close to the guys. Louis kicked the officer in the stomach and they ran in the house. "wait so you are the-" Niall started "sit down I'll tell you" Emma said cutting him off. "ok so about 5 months ago I ran away from a foster home for little girls, I went to NYC to Chicago to LA and got a plane here and I walked and walked for hours until I found your house and I knew I couldnt tell you because I thought you guys would just make to go back, and no one ever wants to go where I came from, it's terrible! Absolutely terrible. You guys would never understand the kind of pain I go though every day there, I can't even remember what my family looks like any more, I ran away to go find them but I couldn't even look up their names or address in the NY phone book that I took from the mean lady at the foster home" Emma said "is that why there is any possible chance that all our fans would keep asking us if we have seen 'missing girl'?" Liam asked "yes, that is why they keept asking" Emma said. Harry looked at Emma with a smile on his face and said "guys! I just thought of a perfect idea! Since Emma is from a foster home, we could adop her! And not make her go back!" "well I don't know....... Ok!" Emma said. "do you need any supplies like clothes?" Louis asked "I only brought 2 outfits with me" Emma said. "to the mall!" Niall yelled. And they got in the limo and went to the mall and they didn't leave until the mall closed and since it was 7 by the time they got home and 730 is when they left the house.
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