Emma is a foster girl that has ran away from her foster home and she has the most exciting trips to where she will end up she's not sure about telling anyone her secret and where she ends up in the last place she is amazed to who she will run into


5. Chapter 5

A nurse came in and walked over to Emma and said "alright Emma you look well enough to go back home" she said taking Emma's blood pressure. Emma got all her belongings and her and the guys left.

When they got back Emma took a shower. When she was done she heard a knock on the door "just a minute" she said "it's me Niall I have to talk to you the nurse told be to do this" he said "ummm ok? Hold on I have to put my shirt and pants on" she said then she put her hair up in a towel and opened the door. "the nurse said I have to put bandages over your stitches" he said while opening a box of bandages. Then he started to dab the stitches. A minute later Harry walked in "Emma, how could you?!" harry said. All the guys we're watching, the three of them were in the living room door way looking in the bathroom. Emma looked around at them looked at Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. Then she looked at the door. She pulled her shirt down and ran in her room, put on her sneakers and ran as fast as she possibly could she ran and ran and ran until she got to a close mall near by. She ran up the stairs and went in the girls department, and hid in a corner behind clothes. She could hear them running around and yelling in the store but she sat there quietly waiting for them to find her. A half hour later Louis found her in the corner. "what are you doing in the corner? We have been looking for you!....... Do you mind if I sat down?" she didn't say anything, she just moved over she didn't even look at him, she didn't want him to see her cry. "ok so why did you run away like that?" he said while putting his arm around her. "I I don't know, when I get scared or nervous I run and I can't stop" she said "well we are going to have to stop that, aren't we?" he asked. "ya, but it's probly not going to work, it's a bad habit.." Emma said looking away. "alright hold on" Louis said taking out his phone and called all the guys "I think it's time for you guys to start heading home" "did you find her?! Please tell me you did!" Niall whinned. "yes I did find her but she wants me to stay here with her so can you guys go home? We will meet you back at the house" Louis said "ok see you later" they said and hung up. Emma and Louis talked for awhile. And 10 minutes in the conversation Louis said "want to go home now? I think the guys are waiting for you" Emma just nodded her head and got up, called a taxi and went home. The whole ride back to the house Emma couldn't stop worrying about what they would say. They pulled up infront of the house and opened the gates and walked up the long drive way, then they opened the door and walked in.
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