Emma is a foster girl that has ran away from her foster home and she has the most exciting trips to where she will end up she's not sure about telling anyone her secret and where she ends up in the last place she is amazed to who she will run into


4. Chapter 4

When the surgery was done they sent Emma back and layed her down on the hospital bed and she was still asleep. Harry walked over to her, grabbed her hand and said "thanks" to the doctors. And looked at Emma, "she's beautiful you know" Harry said "oh we know" Liam said nodding his head "ya trust me she really is but I think you like her best out of all of us" Niall said "ya I know.... I just wanted to see if you saw the same as I did" Harry said. Right after that Emma woke up from her sleep. "hello love" Harry said "hi Harry" Emma said. She looked all around to remember where she was and she saw all the guys too. She thought they all looked familiar. A nurse came in and said "hey you blondie" Niall looked up "come over here I have to talk to you" and Niall got up and walked over to the door way. "ooooooo!" all the guys said. "um hi" Niall said "are you Emma's boyfriend?" "um well-" "great will you put the bandages on her after she takes a shower? Ok thanks" she said by cutting his sentence off and she walked away. "aha ok?" Niall said, looked around and walked back in the room. "soo big guy got in trouble, huh?" Louis said joking around "nooooo" Niall said laughing "well what was it?" Zayn asked "the lady asked me to sign a autograph for her daughter..... That's all..." Niall said and sat down. Harry was still holding Emma's hand looking into her eyes. "you have the most beautiful eyes Harry" Emma said "ya I like them too" Harry said "ok?" Emma said "because with out them I wouldn't be able to see this beautiful girl right infron of me" Harry said. "awwwwwwwwwww!" the guys all said making kissy and Niall pointing. Emma and Harry just laughed at the sight of this.
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