Emma is a foster girl that has ran away from her foster home and she has the most exciting trips to where she will end up she's not sure about telling anyone her secret and where she ends up in the last place she is amazed to who she will run into


2. Chapter 2

"helloooooo, what's ur name?" Harry asked "I'm Emma" "where are you from?" Niall asked "I'm from here.... (not really)" "really? Who do you live with?" Louis asked "oh.... Like every other girl would live with parents and siblings..." Emma said. "ohhhhh.." they all said together. "well shouldn't you go back? You know before, they get worried.." Niall asked "oh... I'm sure they won't mind..." Emma said. ".............. I'm hungry.......... Can we go eat at nanchos?" Niall asked "really Niall? Really?" Harry said crossing his arms "really" Niall said "fine go find something in the fridge" Harry said sighing. "............ So Emma, do you have a place to stay tonight?" Louis asked "no, I'm hours away from home" Emma said "oh...... Well you can stay with us if you would like" Louis said "ummm alright...... But where would I sleep?" "with me!!" Harry said raising his hand up in the air. "haha alright.... I guess so if it doesn't bother you" Emma said "oh, it doesn't" Harry said winking at Emma.

Harry showed Emma their house there was 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms a kitchen and living room.

The first night went ok. Then it got to the third week. Emma and Harry were laying in bed when Emma started to feel not so good. "Harry" Emma said waking him up "yes?" Harry asked "I don't feel so good" Emma said touching her stomach "well what is it? What's wrong?" Harry asked "my stomach it hurts and I don't know why and I've already gone to the bathroom like 2 times and it still hurts" Emma explained "alright I'll go call a doctor to come here" Harry said getting out of bed. He went over to his dresser and called the doctor off his phone. "hello?" the other person on the line said "hi I have a problem, my friends stomach hurts and she doesnt know why and she said she has already gone to the bathroom twice" Harry said "uh huh, I see, well the best thing I can do right now is get a doctor to come over ok please hold while we track down your location" the other person said "alright thanks" Harry said "Emma? I'm going to need you to go lay down on the couch in the living room" Harry said "ok" Emma said. She tried to get up but she couldn't, it hurt too much. When Harry hung up he looked at Emma "I can't get up your going to have to help me" she said "ok" Harry said walking over to her. He picked her up bridal style and layed her on the couch.

About a half hour later the doctor came to their house. The doctor examined her and said "it looks to me that you have stomach disease, you are going to need surgery to get that disease removed" he said. " how much will it cost?" Harry said getting out his wallet. "I don't know we have To see how serious it is" the doctor said "but we have to take her to emergency room right away" he said walking outside getting a gurney. "don't worry it's going to be ok, I promise" Harry said holding her hand.
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