Emma is a foster girl that has ran away from her foster home and she has the most exciting trips to where she will end up she's not sure about telling anyone her secret and where she ends up in the last place she is amazed to who she will run into


1. Chapter 1

Emma woke up one night from having a nightmare remembering when she was token away from her family. "I have to leave this place as soon as possible" and she heard another girl saying "where are you going Emma?" it was Shannon. "what? Don't worry about me, I'll be fine" Emma said packing up her belongings. She put on her shoes and sneaked out the door. Winced she in southern NY she thought it would be easy to get a train from NYC to Chicago. She started heading to NYC. Everywhere she went people would knock her down or bomb into her, she look all around for a train or a subway to take her to Chicago. Luckily she found a subway in manhattan. The subways were discusting and so were the people that hanged out there. She noticed people looked at her weirdly. She felt out of place.

When she got to Chicago she took a plane to LA and from there she took a plane to London. She walked and walked for hours she remembers what the address was to one directions house, se loved those guys, with all her heart. There was a gate outside surrounding the house she pressed the buzzer and there was a screan and on top a sercerity camera over the screan and there was a black curtain showing on the screan and in the back round you could hear other people talking. Then Liam showed up on the screan saying "hi I'm Liam you look like you need some help please come in" the gates opened and Emma walked in. The gates closed behind her while she was walking up the driveway.
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