this story is a bone creaking tale of Henry Ashwall great hidden murder were his jelisey costs him his life after killing his partner Mr barker as he comes back for his evil revenge.


2. the unknown substants

loudly and fast the rain poured down as the man and the mysterious cart trotted along the mud infested path that led to a place unknown. From the last footsteps of the man he stopped and halted the cart, he climbed on top and grabbed the basket that held the unknown substance. He placed it down and then grabbed a shovel and started digging a hole the size of dead sheep.

1/2 hours later......

A giant hole that was almost six feet below was finally done. the man through back the shovel and clambered back up into the wood and stared at his fine work, the man steered his way around and lifted the old tatted blanket that covered the baskets unknown secret, he pulled gently and slowly the sheet opened, exposing a sight to a bloody corpse that had been chopped to piece to fit in to the basket.

The man shakes the basket and the dead parts flopt onto the floor and rested on the ground like a cat sleeping, the man bowed his head and looked up with an demonic  grin on his face and finally he whispered"good bye Mr Barker."

With that he covered the hole and placed the cart on top and sped away into the foggy night on the huge grey horse.

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