this story is a bone creaking tale of Henry Ashwall great hidden murder were his jelisey costs him his life after killing his partner Mr barker as he comes back for his evil revenge.


3. the letter

The wind was cold but inside was huge roaring open fire that crackled and burned like a fire work on a cold November night. The walls were covered in a silk red color that had a warm feeling inside. Next to the fire was a old ancient desk carved like an old statue that had been there for over a centrey. over desk upright sat the man in black but name was the lord of essex  Henry Ashwall.

He was writing on a paper that showed the formats of a letter it said:


dear mrs Barker,

I am sadly moored about the news of your husband death he will be missed by many. he and i were like brothers he was my friend and partner in are work. if theres anything or anythink i can do just tell me i have his old piano and would be happily give his old relic to you.stay safe.


Henry ashwall

He finished and placed the letter inside the emvelope and leaked red waxs on the rim of the seal and stamped it with a stamp osaying the grand castleof oak tree. He placed it on the mohogany desk and snached his wine off the table and guzzlied it down like it was his last drink, when he finish he laugh with a demonic laugh that would scare a child in their sleep. he stared up at the grand father clock and said "almost time for my slumber , maybe a quick song."

He perched his behind on the plolish leather piano chair and started playing a ghostly tune that echoed through the old castle he closed his eyes and played till his fingers could not play he slithered of the chair and tip toed up the stone, cold stair case to is warm and welcoming bed unknown of this objective in the air and unknowingthat this was his last night!

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