this story is a bone creaking tale of Henry Ashwall great hidden murder were his jelisey costs him his life after killing his partner Mr barker as he comes back for his evil revenge.


4. a debt payed back

Three chimes of midnight echoed through the empty halls of the migrated castle. A silent wind blow across the hallways of the castle and perched in a bed of warmth layed henry too sleepy to care about anything. Another three chims over thrown the silence once again but still no sign of movement. Then from know where a ghostly tune breched high levels of volume and echoed through the empty hallways and into a well lite room of henry ashwalls chambers. Suddenly a sign of movement from the bed sheets of the four masted bed rose and folded over like a wave in a deep blue sea. With a big yawn Henry clambered out of the warm, comfey covers like a zombie and grabbed a match and lite a candle and picked the candle gently and followed the beakening sound of the nosie like hye was in a chrance.

Step by step henrys heart beated like a drum fast and fast and stop...

he looked at the clock and wait thats not right the clock time was 3:00 in the morn but only mintes ago it said 12. he stoped staring at the clock and carryed on warking down the stone clod staircase. Louder it got the sound of the ghostly tune as here tiptoed down the stair well like he was invisible. step by step it got louder intill he saw the rim of the door way, lower he got the more the door way he could see and now as he step down the last of the steps he could see all of the room the mohogany desk, the marble fire place, the old pia...

A sight of horror desplayed on Henrys face as he saw the most scariest thing known o man kind

peched on the leathered piano chair sat a man dressed in black with a old battered top hat layed down on his thin lined hair and onhis face layed 2 scars. he was glowing a dull green and was completetly transparent. he sat there playing on the piano as it was once his.

"but wait , it can`t be no it is" henry screaming in horror in his mind like a mad person he stepped back and the sound of the man playing the piano stopped. All that could be heared was the sound of henry patting and his heart pumping out of his chest.

a moment silence fell and finally the ghostly presents spoke,

"H..e...n..r...y...,do you rember me"It said slowly,

He replayed "yes, i do and you deserved it Barker"

In a horrible demonic grin Mr Barker replayed " H E N R Y"

the ghost smiled and disappeared like lightning.

Henrys heart was beating fast and fast in nerversy, he looked around in shock and started breathing deeply in horror he stepped forward and bin one blick the ghost reapered right infrount off him snapping his neck in a instent leaving him for dead the ghost left and left the dead corps to rotte, As the morning aproched silence covered the migratted castle once again...

the end

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