this story is a bone creaking tale of Henry Ashwall great hidden murder were his jelisey costs him his life after killing his partner Mr barker as he comes back for his evil revenge.


1. the man in the fog bank

It was a cold, dark night the wind howled in front of the bright,yellow moon that took center stage in the bright, starry sky. Everything was silent all that could be herd was a barn owl crying in the moon light, Suddenly several dark, thunderous clouds drifted through the night sky and soon after the pitter patter of rain fall ripped the silence into a roaring thunder clap that brightly lit the sky for a second or two then a distant fog drifted into the below trees and from out of this fog bank came a dark outline of a man dressed in black, He was very tall and wore a smartly pressed ball room tux that had a mark of a red liquid of such that looked like wine but did not smell like it. As the man stepped forward a larger shadow absorbed the light that shone over the him, He slowly began to stop he turned and then out from know where a big leather rope was pulled out of the the huge shadow. He pulled on it and it started walking forwards and finally it appeared it was a huge grey horse with a heavy wooden cart with a old wooded basket filled with a unknown substance perched inside.

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