Why Me?

What did I ever do to deserve this?

Why me?

Author's Notes....

This Movella, along with all my other Movellas, is pure fiction. This did not happen to me in real life. It's just my dark side showing.

Please note that Chapter 11 is the last chapter. There will be no more chapters as the story finishes there.

Thanks for reading!


4. Why Me?

Pain surged through my body. Was it supposed to hurt like this? Was this normal? How could this happen to me so soon after my mum's death? She'd only been dead for a few hours! Why me anyway? Why now? I just wanted to die! I wanted to be with my mum in heaven, not here lying on my bed being raped! As soon as it started, he stopped. Was it over?

"You enjoyed that didn't you Amy?" He snarled. I was too scared to answer, let alone move!

"Didn't you?" He barked.

"No!" I cried

"Don't lie to me girl!"

"No! Leave me alone! Don't touch me!"

"Fine! You're safe for now, but I'll see you later on" He said creepily. "If you breathe a word of this to anyone, I'll kill you! Although, it's not like that'll happen, as I've locked all the doors and windows. Oh and I've also hidden the key!"

I knew what just happened had scared me, but that threat he'd made didn't scare me one bit. I just needed to escape from the house. Not now though, I couldn't move, there was blood everywhere!


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