Why Me?

What did I ever do to deserve this?

Why me?

Author's Notes....

This Movella, along with all my other Movellas, is pure fiction. This did not happen to me in real life. It's just my dark side showing.

Please note that Chapter 11 is the last chapter. There will be no more chapters as the story finishes there.

Thanks for reading!


5. Locked In

My body still ached, I could still feel his weight on top of me. I'd spent the last few nights crying myself to sleep. But whenever I closed my eyes I saw the image him touching me over and over again. I felt sick. I couldn't help feeling as if it was my fault! Had I led him on? But the bigger question is...HOW? I mean, how? How had I led him on? When mum was around, I spent most of my time in my bedroom, applying posters to the walls, watching Doctor Who, drawing cartoon versions of all of the characters. Or I was out with my mates having a laugh. Now I couldn't even hang around with them anymore! I was locked in - with him! Was it going to happen again or was the other day a one off?


Life isn't fair!

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