Just My Luck (A message for society.)

A message for society, and what the world needs to do about it.


1. Please Share This

Something that has crossed my mind is how cruel people truly are. You see ads on TV and maybe your school's "Students Helping Others Understand Themselves" club has plastered your school walls with "Stop Bullying Today" posters. Most people think that bullying is verbal, emotional, or physical. And it can be. Sometimes. 

A different kind of bullying, I think the more common type, most have overlooked, it doesn't even have a get a spot on those posters, discrimination. If you knew me, then you would know that, yes, I am overweight, and that, yes, I can't run worth a crap, but the problem is, some people HATE me for that. It's not my fault, I really try, but for some reason the only way to be liked in this messed up world is to have a perfect body. Not the fact that I can be funny, or goofy, or the fact that I get A's and B's, no, most people take one look at me and think that I am a disgusting, stupid pig. Is it really my fault that I am overweight? No, I barely eat ANYTHING. AND what's more is that I really do try to run, but my wonderful gym teacher is the only one who has encouraged me in gym. No, always picked last on the soccer or field hockey team because of my looks.

Discrimination messes with your EMOTIONAL, and PHYSICAL well being. You might as well throw some verbal abuse in there too because people don't realize that I am fat, not deaf. Honestly, people stare at me in the hallways and I want to scream, "I'M NOT BLIND YOU JERK!" 

Sometimes I end up crying myself to sleep because no one wanted to talk to me. I know that you are probably thinking, "This person is just trying to get attention." Well I'm not. Because I know I am not the only one out there that has been a victim to bullying.

Writing is the only thing that helps me express my feelings, just because no one else understands. It is like the keyboard or the pen are magical transporters, that send my feelings from my head, down my arms, through my fingers, and then they jump and spin and whirl in the pencil (or keyboard) and the next thing I know I am either punching a whole in the wall or crying my eyes out. But then I feel a sense of calmness.

Put yourself in my shoes for a minute if you still think I am trying to get attention.

You are me, you have extra weight that has been distributed around your whole body, turning you into a lump of skin and fat. Now imagine trying to walk down the hallway with your books practicly falling out of your arms and people stare and whisper. You try to keep going but want to drop your books and punch something at the same time. The other kids refuse to let you be on their teams unless it is manditory. You score a goal. Your the only one that is happy except your gym teacher, who smiles and scribbles stuff on her clipboard. Everyone else just rolls their eyes and goes back to their positions. Then that ultra-mega-super popular girl who got you on her team scores a goal, everyone cheers and hugs her. Even though she is one of the ones who hates you. You see your crush and go up to talk to him. Just barely opening your mouth, he looks at you like you are a psycho path and backs away slowly. You go home and say that you had a good day to your parents, when you get in the shower you start to cry. When you go to bed your cry yourself to sleep.

Then repeat this everyday for the rest of your school years. Not that fun, huh? And if you are one of those skinny people who get asked if they are anorexic, just be happy that people will talk to you and don't look at you like you just crawled out of the drain. You don't have to deal with the embarrassment of shopping in the plus-size section at the mall, you can carry your own weight, you don't have to deal with this. I watched a video on YouTube where a full grown woman started a website for skinny people where they can share their "heart-breaking" stories. Give me a break! I got so mad after I watched this that I went to bed right away and cried myself to sleep again. 

If you are with me on this, comment, like, favorite, and share the link all over the internet. I know I sound like one of those lame adults who tell you that YOU can change the world, but I just want to stop bullying all together. PLEASE! Show this to your teachers, your principals, your friends, I want to change the world, one view at a time.

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