On The Edge

Katie has had issues all her life ever since the accident and now it's like she is the one who does everything and she doesn't know what to do she goes into depression and the only thing that keeps her from taking it any further Is her love for one direction. Katie eventually meets one direction and thats when her life changes for both good and bad


2. New York City

Were finally here I said to Bekk "it's a shame your mom couldn't come with us" she replied I sighed my parents got into a really bad car accident and my mom shattered her hip and was bed ridden for six months I don't like to talk about it she is fully recovered now but she wont go on plane because she is afraid something would happen to her hip So we me and Bekk got off the plane and tired to get a taxi which we were terrible at then I remembered my brother works down here so I gave him a call which I was suppose to do anyway after about 20 minutes my brother picked us up. " hey Michael I've missed you muppet" ( muppet is term my brother and I call each other sorta our inside joke) " we've been over this your the muppet now get in let go" Bekk of course said hello and was polite Bekk was different from my other friends she didn't find my brother "hot" as my friends say and thank god cause that gets so annoying. We got to the hotel and my either paid for our room he is such a sweetheart to me. After my brother went back to his apartment, Bekk and I hung out in the room and watched tv and stalked one direction on twitter. The concert was tomorrow night and it was Only 3 in the afternoon so we decided to go out and do some shopping on times square. We went to forever 21, H&M, and of course 1D world that had just opened we both had gotten new clothes which included the hottest outfits for the concert we couldn't wait when we were walking out of the last store I accidentally bumped into someone an I looked up to apologize and I just looked into the most beautiful green eyes......
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