On The Edge

Katie has had issues all her life ever since the accident and now it's like she is the one who does everything and she doesn't know what to do she goes into depression and the only thing that keeps her from taking it any further Is her love for one direction. Katie eventually meets one direction and thats when her life changes for both good and bad


3. Harry!!!

I was locked in a trance those eyes were so beautiful and memorizing I just couldn't look away untill I heard someone say "like what you see?" I snapped out of it only to realize I was looking directly at Harry Styles. I washouts kep thinking I must hit my head hard I'm seeing things but Harry was right here in from of me! "sorry....iii ddidn't mmmeean to stare" I stuttered "it's alright love" he responded "are you sure your okay you look a bit pale and you got hit hard?" "yeah I think I'm......" I didn't get to finish my sentence before I blacked out


she fainted but I managed to catch her before she hit the pavement. She was different not like other girls I met it seems like she was going to fan girl but held it in I found that kinda cute I dont know why. Her friend was nice but seemed distrated and worried about her friend i never caught either of their names. "So since that i'm driving you to the hospital, I was wondering what your and your friend's names were." An ambulance had come to pick up the girl the fainted. "I'm Bekkah and that was Katie who fainted" So Katie was her name it seemed to suit her. "actully her real name is Kaitlyn but ever since she met this one group of people back home she changed alot about herself inculding her name and how she looks" Bekkah brought up. That shocked me about Katie or Kaitlyn she didnt seem like the type to change for people then again i only knew her for about 2 minutes before she passes out. "do you have any idea why she did that?" I asked. "Well Katie went to private school before i met her but she told me her story and she hd no friends accept one or two but they werent close and she switched to public and i met her in sixth grade. She was bullied alot and whe she got into this group of people i knew werent good for her I couldnt stop her and she met someone and fell hard for him" "okay i think i get it now" i said i didnt wnt to hear anymore we pulled intot he hospital parking lot and asked to see Kaitlyn Gee. Bekkah gave them her name when the ambulance came. The nurse pointed us in the direction of her room. Went in and it looked as if she was sleeping but the docter said she had fallen into a coma but before she fell back in she said someones name "who's name Bekk and I asked at the same time Bekk seemed more worried now. "well she was saying she needed someone named Tony" Bekk had this look on her face i didnt like at all. When the docter left us with Katie i turned to Bekk and asked who this Tony guy was although i already had an idea. "Tony was the guy back home Katie couldnt seem to get over he didnt feel the same way but she had insisted to keep trying and waiting for him i was convince she was over him but apparently not...." I just knew based on what Bekk had told me this guy was bad news and i had to help Katie I cant allow her to go back to him when she goes home. Wait i got an idea but management isnt going to like it.....

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