On The Edge

Katie has had issues all her life ever since the accident and now it's like she is the one who does everything and she doesn't know what to do she goes into depression and the only thing that keeps her from taking it any further Is her love for one direction. Katie eventually meets one direction and thats when her life changes for both good and bad


1. The beginning

Ok I'll start with who I am I'm a 15 year old girl named Katie my life sucks and I'm fighting depression I've been I love with one direction for two years and I love them I always wanted to go to one of there concerts but could never afford tickets that is untill one day my family surprised me into getting me and my best friend Bekkah tickets to the new York city concert I was so happy I was crying we were leaving in two weeks and I couldn't wait and neither could Bekk later that night I called Bekk and we were screaming an crying this went one the entire time untill it was time to leave we got our tickets and went through security. "Dino I'm so excited I can't hold it any longer" (Dino is my nickname for Bekk btw and I call her Beeboo) " I know bee I know just chill Kay were not even on the plane yet" we got to our seats and couldn't wait untill the 2 hour Plane ride from Syracuse was over
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