I Love the Person Who Hurts Me

I can't think of life without him, even if he keeps pushing me away, using me. I still love him. But I guess it can't get worse. Right?


2. Bitter Cold

I stand there, waiting for him. Bitterness of the cold winter chilled my bones. But I stood steady. Seeing him just once will be worth it, even a glimpse. His dark, long hair, a rough texture stroked into it. His long body, almost too long, but even so, he was strong. And his eyes... Oh god his eyes. Heart melting gorgeousness. A shade of blue, not natural. Only achieved on editing software, or maybe contacts. I love them so much. I love him so much. But I never have the feeling given back to me, and I just feel like nothing.


There he is. He walked through the glass door, confidence shown in his strides. He went over to his other friends in my year, mostly girls. Kinda burns me a bit. Even worse when he hugs them. But they flirt with him, and hold him into themselves when he hugs them. Are you trying to annoy me bitches?! Rage pulsed through my blood, along with depression. He's the only person that can always make me laugh, so why does he have to treat me like this?


After a few minutes, he notices me, and gives a brief wave. I smile back. But it's a fake one, I'm not happy. Anything but actually. How can I be happy when the person I love so much doesn't feel the same way? He probably feels the opposite way, hatred. I don't blame him, after what happened. He walks up to me, and holds open his arms. I don't resist and relax in his arms, I don't care if people know about it. They can say, do and ask what they want. Nothing will upset me, only he could. So much so that I couldn't go on...

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