Detached Psycho B****

Just a random poem. It's about this girl driven slowly to insanity by the boy she loves.


1. Detached Psycho B****

You drive me insane.

And I hate you, you titch.

But oh how I love you,

You detached psycho b****.


You drive me crazy,

And oh, how you know it.

Do you love,

Frustrating this poet?


Maybe you think I'm weird.

Maybe you think I'm crazy.

You are a p****,

Yet you are amazing.


You are such a laugh.

Fun to be around.

In your Irish slang,

I guess I'd call you 'sound'.


You are so bloody confusing,

I don't understand your intentions.

I wonder why you tease me,

I hope, at school, this you won't mention.


I'm very tall,

And you are a titch.

You're turning me into,

A detached psycho b****.

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