Falling For A Girl Like Her

WARNING:In My Series,The Movies Will Be Changed Because We're Mainly Focusing On The Two Main Characters.
Summary:What happens when mean and nasty Draco meets a girl who's kind,smart,and is in GRYFFENDORE?!! Will these two be able to come out of their shells and fall in love? Or will they remain as just friends?
Pairings:Eventual Draco/Skyee,Harry/Skyee\Hermionie\Ron Friendship


1. Meeting Friends...Meeting Him...

��Skyee's POV��
I stared down at the piece of paper in my hand. 9 3/4... Where would that be? I kept on staring at it until I heard a woman's voice boom through the train station. "Hurry on children! Platform 9 3/4 won't just appear out of nowhere!" I smiled hopefully,grabbed my cart and rushed over to her,but only to crash into another cart.
"I apologize.",I said,looking at the stranger. He had ruffled dark brunette hair and had glasses on the tip of his nose,even though they were slightly broken for whatever the reason. "I was just-uh-trying to get to that woman over there."
He nodded understanding and said,"What a coincidence because I as well was going to see her. She knew where Platform 9 3/4 was..." I nodded as if to say,'So am I.' I turned to the red headed lady who had just sent two identical boys through the brick wall. My eyes widened at the sight,but I snapped out of it and managed to tap the lady on the shoulder.
"Ma'am? Can you show us how to get to the platform?" She smiled warmly and answered,"Oh but ofcourse! It's Ron's first time as well! Ok,all you do is just run through and you'll find yourself where you need to be!"
I nodded and proceeded to do just that. Once I went through,I found myself standing on the platform I was searching for!!! Not too long later,the lady,Ron,and the other boy ran through. I politely thanked the lady and followed the two boys on the train. When I was about to walk away,Ron grabbed my wrist,making me stop.
"Wait! Would you like to sit with us? We've got plenty of room!",he insisted. I nodded happily and helped them find an empty car. At last,we did. I sat patiently and introduced myself,"By the way,I'm Skyee Nevada. You?" I pointed to the boy with glasses who hasn't said a word since we left the train station.
"Ah yes! I'm Harry. Harry Potter..." I froze. THE Harry Potter?! The boy who lived?!! Questions roamed around in my head,making me want to blurt them out all at once. But I didn't. Ron was suprised,too because his eyes were probably the size of golf balls.
"Wow!!! You're the Harry Potter!",I exclaimed. "That's remarkable!!!"
He smiled slightly,but it faded when a lady with the snack cart walked in.
"Anything off the trolly,children?",she asked kindly. I shook my head,but my mouth watered for those delicious treats. Ron said something and held up to what looked like a bag of disgusting food.
"I'll buy the whole cart!",smiled Harry,taking out a few gold coins. "Bloody hell...",murmured Ron,grinning from ear to ear. We ate until Harry looked a little unsure of the candy in his hands.
"Chocolate Frogs? They're not...real are they?",he asked,looking up to Ron who was smacking down on a Pumpkin Pastry. I shook my head and turned to Ron so he could tell Harry what they really were.
"Nah. They're just candy. And anyway,it's the cards you want!",he explained. Harry carefully opened up the box,but flinched when his chocolate frog jumped from it's container to the window and out the train. He pulled out a card which had Professor Dumbledore's figure on it.
"You got Dumbledore! I've got six of him...",I said. He smiled and turned back to the frog. And his happiness was turned to confusion. "Where'd he go?"
"Well what do you expect? He won't stay there forever!",Ron laughed. We chatted for abit until a girl with LONG curly hair burst in. She looked really annoyed.
"Have you seen a frog? A boy named Neville lost his...",she said,tilting her head to the side. "Wait a sec...you're HARRY POTTER!!" Without even asking,she plopped herself down next to Ron. "Wow!!! I never knew I would meet you!!!"
I chuckled and got up to leave them alone. I really didn't wanna hear her blab a million questions to him. Once out,I started walking up and down the train until I ran straight into someone,knocking me and he/she down. I moaned and held my head which felt like it was spinning around.
"I gotta stop greeting people like this.",I muttered,looking across from me to see who I ran into. It was a boy!!! He had slick blonde hair,a slender pointed face,and stone grey eyes. He wasn't ugly at all. I blushed madly,and stood up to brush myself off.
"Ever heard of look where you're going?",he asked,sarcastically also standing up. I rolled my eyes and replied back by saying,"I should be asking you the same thing..."
THIS will end well!
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