My Bully: Harry Styles

Mackenzie Moore, just your average teenage girl. She goes to school; Like me and you. Except, she has one boy, making her life a living hell.


Mackenzie is petrified of Harry. She hates school. She hates her life. She always regrets the past.


The past can never be changed...

But, what will happen when Harry's four best mates; Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn, come into the picture.

Will Kenzie ever forgive Harry?

Better yet...

Will Harry ever stop? Or will he always be Harry Styles: The Bully?


3. Saved by the bell

Chapter 1

"Kenzie, why are you late?" My math teacher shouted, in front of the whole class. She was that old teacher in the school, that no one liked. 


"Sorry Miss.. I had to get my books out of my locker." I replied to her, and she just grunted. 


"Whatever, just go sit down. I've made a few seating arrangements. You're sat next to Harry now." I froze one once I heard those last six words, she's got to be joking?! 


I stared over the class, there was only one seat left; and next to it was Harry.


Once we both caught eye contact, he grinned an evil grin, sending shivers down my spine.


"Mackenzie, can you please take a seat." Mrs Apleburry called as she turned around from writing on the whiteboard. 


"Sorry Miss.." I hurried over to my new seat, Harry still having an evil grin on his face, and got my books out.

Once I'd retrieved the right one Harry leaned closer to me. "Now, I like this seating arrangement, don't you?" I ignored him, and carried on listening to Miss go on about how Algebra was going to be important for our futures. 


"Oi Kenz.. I have something for you." Harry cackled quietly before handing me a note. 

I slowly and quietly opened the note, I scanned over it, and I felt a lump in my throat. 

The note read: 
Don't ignore me, you know what I do to you when you ignore me.. 

I turned to him and gulped, while he just laughed. 


Did he enjoy seeing me scared, and petrified of everything and everyone? 


That was the question I asked myself everyday. 










The school day was almost over, I just had to get through these last ten minutes of English. Luckily this was a lesson that I actually enjoyed, the only reason for that being because he wasn't in my class.


Luckily, I didn't really know that many people in my English class, so I kept myself to myself which I quite liked doing. 


"Watch where you're going." I piped up when someone bumped into me in the motion of me getting up. 


"I'm so sorry, are you okay?" The brown haired, brown eyed boy said frantically. I then looked at him a little more, and realised just exactly who he was. Liam, Liam Payne. One of Harry Styles' friends, eugh.


"Yeah, I'm fine.." I replied bluntly, turning my heel on him and walking away. 


"Again, I'm really sorry." I heard the voice say again, Liam was following me, It was a little creepy but he seemed nice, not like Harry at all. But I couldn't take any chances, could I?


"I don't think we should be talking." I said. 


"What? Why?" He asked looking really confused, and he looked kinda hurt too ... It made me feel realy bad. 


"Ignore me, don't worry about it." I said with a smile, I held out my hand. "I'm Kenzie."


"I'm Liam." He smiled before shaking my hand. 


"Kenzie, Liam. Get back to your seats." At this point the whole class was staring at both of us at the back of a class, a few sniggers were heard from the odd few idiots. 


"Sorry." We both said in unision, before walking back to our seats and getting back on with our work. 


"Right okay class, I want you to right a 5 page essay..." Our teacher started moaning on, I knew what I was going to be doing tonight then... "See you guys tomorrow." 


Saved by the bell. 


I rushed out of the classroom and fast as I could and too my locker, I just wanted to get home, I didn't want to bump into him just for once anyways. 'Quick, quick, quick.' I kept thinking to myself. And as soon as I'd got all my belongings I'd needed out of my locker, I rushed outside to the big gates. 


"Kenzie." I heard a voice shout in the motion of doing so. It sounded familiar, not Harry's though. I turned around to find Liam rushing over to me. 


"You left this is English." He handed me the book 'To Kill A Mockingbird'. 


"Thanks." I laughed. "I wouldn't have been able to do the essay without that." I laughed again followed by his laugh. 


"Want to come over with us?" He asked me with a smile. I thought about it for the moment and just as I was about to say 'Yes' I realised, he's Harry's best mate, well one of them anyways. He would be with them. 


"Nah, not tonight. I'm really busy, I have to cook dinner." I replied making up some lame excuse, mentally beating myself up. He simply nodded in reply, and with that he walked back to the other three boys. 


Why do I have to be so scared to have friends?

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