My Bully: Harry Styles

Mackenzie Moore, just your average teenage girl. She goes to school; Like me and you. Except, she has one boy, making her life a living hell.


Mackenzie is petrified of Harry. She hates school. She hates her life. She always regrets the past.


The past can never be changed...

But, what will happen when Harry's four best mates; Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn, come into the picture.

Will Kenzie ever forgive Harry?

Better yet...

Will Harry ever stop? Or will he always be Harry Styles: The Bully?


2. Just A Typical Day..

My familar alarm rang through my bedroom. I moaned and turned over to face the clock. I slammed my hand down on it, making the annoying ringing sound stop. I laid there in my bed, for a while, letting my thoughts take over me.

How I hated that...

I decided to pull myself out of bed, and heave myself to the bathroom. I took one quick look in the mirror, noticing the one cut on my face from a couple of days ago. I sighed, before starting to wash my face and clean my teeth. I changed into a pair of black leggings, and a shirt covered with a cardigan. I put on a pair of high tops, and threw on a light grey scarf.

I took one last look in the mirror, feeling confident to walk out of the door. 

This never lasts long..

I went downstairs to the yet again, empty house. I did have family, my mother. But she was always at work. She doesn't really take any interest in me. My older brother, he went away with his fiance, now wife, to New York three years ago, and I have a feeling I'll never see him again. My dad, he was the closest thing to be, but, six years ago, me and him were in a care crash, and he went into a coma, and has never came out of it since. I always pray that he'll wake up.

But I don't know if that will happen.

I mean, I have been praying for six years. But, I still keep hope.

I grabbed an apple off the side, taking a big bite. I know an apple is not good breakfast. But I was never hungry. 

I took a look around the house, and stepped out the house, slamming the door shut behind me, and I started to make my way to school.


Also known as; hell..




* * * * * *




I arrived at the school gates, and I searched through the crowds of people. Harry was no where in sight. Making me smile slightly. 

Maybe I wouldn't have to go through hell today?!

"Hey, Kenzie, wait up bitch." A familiar voice called, sending chills down my spine. I walked away pretending not to here him, but that didn't work.

"Oi, you whore, I know you heard me." He shouted at me. 

The worst thing was, no one was ever oblivious of what was going on...ever. And it made me feel worse. Just knowing that I was always on my own...

"N- N- No, I didn't Harry." I stuttutered out, in a small voice. 

"You're not sorry." He spat. 

"I- I am..." I cried; this just made him laugh at me, like usual. He grabbed my scarf, and started dragging me to the usual spot. 

Behind the school...

Where no one ever went...

"H- Harry, I need to get to class." I cried. 

"Don't cry, you slut." He said, in his angry voice and knoecked all my books out of my hands, and onto the floor. 

In the motion of leaning down to pick them up, I got a kick in the stomach. 

"Get up." He demanded, I groaned in pain., but did what he said. "Why you so scared Kenz?" He winked before laughing; his evil laugh. 

Before exiting, he kicked my stuff, which was currently still on the floor, once more, and laughed. 



Did he enjoy seeing me in pain?

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