My Bully: Harry Styles

Mackenzie Moore, just your average teenage girl. She goes to school; Like me and you. Except, she has one boy, making her life a living hell.


Mackenzie is petrified of Harry. She hates school. She hates her life. She always regrets the past.


The past can never be changed...

But, what will happen when Harry's four best mates; Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn, come into the picture.

Will Kenzie ever forgive Harry?

Better yet...

Will Harry ever stop? Or will he always be Harry Styles: The Bully?


4. Bad news, messages and him.

Chapter 2




"Kenz, hun, you've been working on that for hours, give yourself a break." My mother groaned at me once again, although she was right. I had been working on the essay for the past 2 hours, and I still had more to do..


"Yeh, just a little longer I need to finish this bit.." I replied back.


"Okay, well I need to get a few bits from the shop, fancy going to get them for me?" She asked, she was always doing this, I mean ever since the whole Harry situation, I hardly ever go out anymore. Mum was always trying to make an excuse for me to get out the house.


"Yes, okay mother." I gave in early, knowing that if I said otherwise she would just argue back, it wasn't worth the time.


I quickly finished the rest of the paragraph I was currently writing, while my mum went to sort out the list of things she needed.


"Okay, these are what I need." She said handing me the little piece of paper with her tiny scruffy handwriting on it. "I need them all really.." She shouted as I left the door.


"Okay, I'll be back in a bit." I laughed.


I started walking, since the shop was only up the road from my house, to the shop when I heard footsteps behind me. I dared turn around, I was too scared of who it could be, if you get what I mean.


I picked up my walking pace a little bit more, but then so did the footsteps behind me.


They seemed to be coming closer, and closer.


"Kenzie." A voice shouted.


"Liam, you scared the shit outta me." I shouted, feeling little bad afterwards. His face turn to guilt, which made me feel even worse.


"Sorry, I just saw you walking on your own so thought I'd walk with you. Where you heading?" He asked as we continued walking up the small path.


"Just the little corner shop along this road-"


"That's exactly where I'm heading, I'll walk with you, keep you company." He smiled.


'That would be nice'


"Erm, okay." I smiled, I don't know what is was about Liam, but he was hard to say no too. . .and very likeable. We both continued on walking, and it was a little awkward since we didn't really have much to talk about.


"So, how's the essay coming along?" He asked.


"It's okay. . .I'm almost done." I giggled. "What about you?" I said with a smile.


"I'm done with it.." He smiled. Woah, was this kid a genius or something? He was out afterschool, and he's still done it.


"Yeh, I could help you with it if you want?" He asked.


"No, I'm fine..." I replied quickly, his smile changed into a frown in seconds, which made me feel bad. But to be honest, I didn't really want to get close with him considering he's best mates with Harry.


"Yo, Liam." Speaking of him, he shouted over to Liam, making a shudder go down my spine.


"Hey Harry." He shouted back, as he came running over to us.


"Hey Kenzie." He said waiting for Liam to look away then giving me an evil smile.


"H-Hey Harry.." I replied back putting on one of my fake smiles, like always. Liam looked at me confusingly then to Harry giviing him the same face he gave me.


"You two know eachother?" Both the boys asked in unision.


"Yes, we've known each other for ages." Harry said wrapping an arm around me, it made me feel really awkward. In the moment of him wrapping his arm around me he pinched part of my back makig me squeal.


Liam look confused. "Yeah, we met in English.." He said to Harry.


"I need to go.." I said trying to get out of Harry's tight grasp.


"Okay, well I'll see you in English tomorrow.." Liam said, I simply nodded in reply.


"Come over to mine mate?" I heard Harry's faint voice ask in the distance as I quickly walked away.

And this is why I hated going out...






"Kenzie, can you come down here for a minute please?" I heard my mother shout out. I did as she said and got off my bed leaving my phone upstairs and made my way to her.


"What is it?" I asked.


"I have some bad news." She replied, her face said it all. It had to be something quite bad.


"What is it mum?"


"It- It's your brother." She said tears forming in her eyes. "He and Saskia have been in a serious car crash."


"What?" I practically screamed. My brother and his fiancé were both in hospital. . .I didn't know what to do.


"It's a shock I know, I'm going to visit them for a little while is that alright?" She asked before embracing me in her arms.


"Y-y-yes, it's fine." I stuttered out through my many tears. "He's going to be alright, right?"


"I hope so Kenz.."


It was just like dad all over again, and I couldn't cope with that, I'm still not.


"I'm just going to go to my room.." I said to my mum, sliding out of the current hug she was giving me and made my way upstairs.


Once I got upstairs I grabbed my phone once again.


I had a new message.



From: Unknown  

I hate you, I think you infected me when I hugged you today ew.



I knew exactly who that was from, I read over it like three or four times before it sunk in.


That night, I cried myself to sleep. . .like usual.

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