Truth or Dare?

Lily is just an ordinary girl. When she discovers mysterious cards at the back of her wardrobe, her little world is turned upside down. Trying to impress the 'cool' clique at school wasn't working very well anyway, and things just got worse when the truth is out there...


2. Free Will

School hasn’t been great. Now the whole school has turned against me – Well, apart from a few of my close friends, Alexis and Willow. They still like me. Everyone else just…puts up with me. Why does no one believe my innocent pleads, why does Sophia think I’ve been spreading horrid rumours?

I wanted to sit and cry when I returned home, just a short bus ride from school. It’s awful, sitting alone on the frigid bus, no one really wanting to be within 5 metres radius from you. But I’m tougher than that. After living with my older siblings, Summer and Jayden, who are sixteen year old twins, I have grown and extremely tough skin. How else would I be able to ignore the cruel, mostly jokey teasing, how else would I be able to endure endless days of annoyance and ganging up?

At least I have Alexis and Willow, they are the people I really care about. To be honest, if it means sacrificing my real best friends, then I don’t think I want to be in Sophia’s gang. It would break Alexis’ heart. Willow would try to hide it, but she would just give me the silent treatment and never speak to me again.

I would so hate that.

I felt like I should. So I did. I reached to the back of my wardrobe, plucking the cards that I thought were fantasy.

Hello again.

Truth or Dare?

What’s a girl to do?

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