Truth or Dare?

Lily is just an ordinary girl. When she discovers mysterious cards at the back of her wardrobe, her little world is turned upside down. Trying to impress the 'cool' clique at school wasn't working very well anyway, and things just got worse when the truth is out there...


1. The Wardrobe

“Lily, are you serious?” Sophia laughed, after witnessing me walking out of Science club. Her glittering blue eyes stared at me, whilst I was too embarrassed to answer. I liked Science, but I hadn’t planned on bumping into the most popular year 8 at my school when leaving ‘loser’ club, as it is known. My red face turned redder as I mumbled a few words and then ran off. Honestly…I’ve never been so mortified in my life!


It all really started, though, with my new wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to start saying that I escape out of the back into Narnia, but it was quite magical. I’m not sure if I believed in magic before, but the last few weeks of mine have been extremely... weird.


I opened the wardrobe to get out a dress that I wear for parties. It was Sunday. However, I dropped the hanger and reached down to pick it up. Instead of finding the hanger, I felt some slips of paper. I seized them. The first one was a title. It said, ‘Truth or Dare?’ I was in a fun mood so I whispered to myself, “Truth.” I went to look at the next piece of paper. It read, ‘You have selected: Truth. Who has the biggest mouth in your school?’ I didn’t think of how weird it all seemed, but I whispered again, “Sophia! She’s the popular girl, but she is always spreading secrets and rumours about everyone! She’s horrible, and she’s a bit fat too!” Once again, I turned the paper. The message was puzzling. This time, it said: ‘Thank you for your answer. Play again tomorrow.’


The screech of the school bell rang in my ears. As I walked to class, Sophia and her friends, Phoebe and Danielle, corned me. “So, Lily. Just last night I found a note under my door.” Sophia spoke, with a lot of spite in her voice. “Really? What did it say?” I asked, with no worry at all.

“Sophia! She’s the popular girl, she spreads rumours and secrets and she’s fat and horrible! From Lily Parker.” Her anger became uncontrollable as she expectantly waited for my reply. How did she know? A note? I didn’t send her any notes!

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