That boy....

Oh no... Its him,once again. I just can't stop thinking about him. But, the thing is ,I know he doesn't like me back. I'm 'not pretty enough' , 'not popular enough' not anything enough.

His wispy brown hair softly lays on his perfectly shaped face- oh how I wish he was mine.
Lesson, after lesson spent dreaming about that oh so dreamy face, until the end of the day comes.

'You may go' bellows the teacher. We all scramble outside hurriedly, Angie and Leah trail behind me.

'Wait up Flora!' yell Leah and Angie in unison, as they rush towards me.
'I can't stop thinking about him!' I frustratedly scream.
'Jesus Flora! All you flippin' talk about is Oscar, calm down' replies Leah in disgust.
' Well, Oscar went to my primary school, maybe..just maybe I could maybe to him on my way home?' Angie hesitantly said
'What do you mean.. I'm no where near as popular or pretty for him to be mine!'
I reply.
'But you see, the thing is you dont know his type...I'll talk to him'


2. The news...

Beep! The sound of my phone catches my attention, its from Angie. I excitedly open it and it reads: 'He likes you he told me!' .
I know this can't be true so I hurriedly tap the keys of my phone composing a message saying ' Are you sure? He must mean Leah... She's a lot prettier?' I press 'SEND' and meanwhile wait anxiously for a reply.
'Beep!' another text flies in. 'No, he means you. He said to me that he liked my friend and then he said not the blonde one. Flora he really likes you!!!!!'
I put my phone down and began to jump excitedly. What seemed like thousands of sheets scrawled across my room with O+F= <3, I was excited. This meant the world to me. I couldn't wait until tommorows school day. But, until then the 'lovey dovey' scrawlings continued.
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