Red ♥

Red Hair.
Red Lips.
Red Blood.
When Zayn meets Red, he's close to death.
She's his princess in combat boots.
She saves his life, and now she has to pay the price.
Survival101 - Never fall in love with the broken.


5. Who's This?

I ever-so-gently opened the door to my apartment and noticed all the lights were on. Why was Zayn still awake?

Then I heard voices, talking to one another. I must be going crazy.

"She hasn't come back yet. I'm worried . . ." That was Zayn. I ran through, slamming the door behind me, and blinked, astonished at the sight before me. I'd never had so many people in my apartment before. Zayn was still lying on the couch, smiling warmly at me while I shot him icy glares, a boy with blond hair was sat on my single sofa, a boy with brown wavy hair and big brown eyes was laughing at something blond-boy said. The last boy I saw was one with feathered brown hair and pretty blue eyes who was gazing affectionately at a girl, their hands intertwined with one anothers. I felt a strike of pain in my chest at seeing them together.

"Red!" Zayn tried to get up, but fell back onto the sofa, clutching his side. Everyone began to crowd round him, shushing him and asking what was wrong. Ugh. I flounced forward and pushed them out the way.

"Leave 'im alone! He's fine, no need to fuss over him."  I cradled Zayns' head before setting it down on on a pillow and patting his bandage. He smiled and took my hand in his. I slipped it out before anybody could notice.

"I'm guessing you wanna know what these guys are doing here?"

"Well yes, considering I've just had a really rough night and I need some aspirin - now."

He looked at me again, admiration sparking in his eyes. I couldn't help but blush. Blond boy nudged me, smiling crookedly.

"You got somethin' going on with our Zayn?" His Irish accent was like a chainsaw to my heart. Harry had killed that memory a long time ago.

"No." I said, frowning.

I would not cry infront of these people.

"So, are you all going to introduce yourselves?" I folded my arms across my chest but Zayn unfolded them and took my hand again. This time, he wouldn't let go.

"Niall." The blond boy nodded at me and I smiled back, masking my pain.

"Liam." The boy with the wavy hair said, yawning a little. I didn't blame him, it was getting late. Today had gone by so fast, and I wasn't having fun.

"Louis." He wouldn't take his eyes off the girl he was holding hands with.

Oh to be in love like they are.

Louis' girlfriend tore her eyes away from him and smiled at me.

"Kammy." she said, flicking a lock of her ebony black hair over her shoulder. Her deep brown eyes swirled with lust but she let go of Louis' hand and came to hug me gently. It felt strange to be comforted by somebody who was an inch shorter than me and much prettier.

"Um, hi, Kammy." I swallowed and detatched myself from her embrace.

"We want to thank you," she said "for taking care of Zayn. And, well, we were wondering if we couldn't stay here until he's healed." My eyes shot open. Yes I had to guest bedrooms, and yes people could sleep on the couch, but I don't know if I'd like the company. Oh well, I'm going to hell anyway. Hell or prison, take it or leave it.

"Sure." I sighed. Kammy grinned at me and hugged me again before going back to Louis. The rest of One Direction seemed nice, but my mind was more focused on the appearance, or rather the dissappearance, of Harry. I'm so glad he didn't show up.

Knock, knock.

Shit - I spoke too soon.

"Guys? I got your text, and I thought-" Harry stopped speaking when he saw me standing beside Zayn, my eyes narrow and glaring. He gave me a wicked smile, but didn't give any other hint that he recognised me.

"Who's this?" he murmered, sitting down infront of Liam.

"Get out!" I hissed, marching towards him. "Now." I growled, clutching his ankle so I'd be prepared to drag him out if need-be. He just laughed.

"No, I'm part of this band and Zayn's my mate."

"Piss off!" I shouted, putting more pressure on his ankle.

"Woah, woah, woah! What's going on?"  Zayn looked at me for an explanation.

"Me and Harry have unfinished business which I hope to leave unfinished because he's going. Right. Now." I dropped the firm grip I had on his ankle and tensed up when he got up and walked out, slamming the door hard behind him.

"Prick." I muttered, my shoulders slumping in relief.

"I'm not even going to ask." Liam said, innocent eyes wide and shocked.

"Liam, Niall, first bedroom over there," I pointed to a red door "Louis and Kammy, over there." I pointed to a black door beside it. "Zayn's staying on the couch and I'm sleeping in my own bedroom. Good night." I slid off my jacket and Niall let out a low whistle. I smacked him on the upper arm and stopped infront of my bedroom door at Zayn's voice.

"Red, I thought you were going to sleep in the single chair like you did last night. I'll get lonely." I thought for a second before going into my bedorom, changing into my red Pooh Bear nightie, and going back into the living room. "Thanks." Zayn grinned at my nightie.

"What?" My voice rose a few octaves.

"Nothing, I just didn't know you liked Pooh Bear." his grin broadened.

"So? Don't diss Pooh Bear or it won't just be your eyes that go black." I curled my legs under myself and switched on the telly. At the sound of football, the rest of the boys and Kammy came rushing out of the spare rooms. Liam, Louis and Niall were in boxer shorts and t-shirts and Kammy was in a white silk camisole vest and cotton shorts, bunny slippers on her feet. I laughed a little before remembering my Pooh Bear ensemble.

"Nice." She flashed me a perfect smile and sat down beside me on the double-seated sofa. "You've got a real nice place here." she said, her voice sweet and comforting.

"Thanks. I just need to work on keeping it." I didn't need to tell her anything other than that just yet.

"GOOALLL!!!" Niall and Louis leapt up and began waving their arms about. I was so glad I wasn't the only female there, although according to Zayn, I ate like a man.

"Want anything to eat?" I asked her.


"Me too!" Niall smiled at me, pleading with his eyes. I nodded, grinning before paddng into the kitchen to make us a batch of sandwhiches and drinks. I was sure tonight would be longer, and I didn't really want to wake up in the morning.










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