Red ♥

Red Hair.
Red Lips.
Red Blood.
When Zayn meets Red, he's close to death.
She's his princess in combat boots.
She saves his life, and now she has to pay the price.
Survival101 - Never fall in love with the broken.


10. Wasted.

Zayn wolf-whistled when I walked in with a towel wrapped around my body and head.

"Thanks." I smiled gently at him before turning to grab some clothes and get changed in the bathroom.

"Again? I've told you, you don't need to leave the room. I mean, you know I've already seen you naked. . ." I frowned and whacked him, turning to get changed into the dress for tonight.

Me and Kammy had become good friends with the girl we met at the clothing store, Briella, and she was coming out with us to the new club which had opened down the street a couple of weeks ago. I'd already been banned from there so hopefully they wouldn't recognize me.

Being good friends with Briella had its benifits. For one, we got the dresses and most of our other clothes with a fifty precent discount. One of the many things I was enjoying about life at the present moment. I dropped the towel from my hair and ran my fingers guiltily through the wet locks. I know I was stupid for dying it back to red again, but I didn't want blond hair anymore. I looked stupid and fake: like a barbie doll.

I knew while I watched my reflection, that Zayn would fly off the handle; everyone would. They'd think the police would be out for me again, just because I had red hair. There were loads of girls in London with red hair. But not many girls with the name Red. Red Cassidy - pretty innocent yeah? Think again.

I grabbed the black comb from the sink bench and combed it till it was smooth and damp. After putting on my underwear and my black fishnet tights, I slipped on my dress. It was a strappless red number, stopping just above my knees. It was tight around my breasts and flared out at my waist, a ruffled silky material. I looked like the Queen Of Hearts, but in a sweet, bad-ass way. I ruffled my hair and the almost-dry locks fell onto my shoulders, draping down to the beggining of my dress. I smiled at myself then put on eyeliner, mascara and dark red lipstick, going into the living room quickly to avoid Zayn's reaction and to ask Kammy if she'd straighten my hair. I grinned when I saw her, perched on the couch in her skin-tight black dress, slinky and strapless.

"Ooh! Don't you look beautiful!" She leapt up and danced over to me in her black shiny pumps.

"You do too!" I was enjoying girly time so much I don't think I could ever stop if I tried.

"Briella'll be out in a minute, her hair's so pretty!" I looked at Kammy's hair. She'd straighed it and added volume using moose. Her dark eyes were outlined with eyeliner, her dark lashes naturally beautiful. The boys had gone out for a 'Boys Night' and so we decided to have a little fun of our own. Briella and Liam had hit it off quite well, and me and Kammy could tell they would end up together.

As if on cue, Briella walked out and did a twirl. She wasn't wearing a dress, like me and Kam', but she still looked amazing in a pair of cream-coloured skinny jeans, a dark red too-big jumper and a pair of high heeled boots which gave the impression she was taller than her actual height. Her hair topped it off; it was crimped into tiny waves and her plump lips were shiny with rose-petal lipgloss.

Kammy and I squealed and we ran forward and engulfed her in a group hug.

"You guys look great!" she said, rubbing our bare backs.

"You do too! Bet you're warmer than us on the way!" Kammy said, releasing us and slipping on a jean jacket. I grabbed my black leather one and slipped it on, flicking my now dry and straight hair so that it was on show. 

"Right, let's go!" Kammy picked up her diamond clutch purse and I grabbed my bag, and Briella ran out the apartment and waited impatiently while we locked the door.


It was already up and running inside the club, the music pouding under our feet, the strobe lights flashing different colours, the millions of teenagers with fake IDs', downing shots and laughing loudly. There was a throng of people dancing their hearts out infront of the stage, cheering at a boy band who was playing, singing 'She Doesn't Mind' by Sean Paul. I giggled excitedly and we made our way to the bar.

"Vodka. Three of 'em." I slapped down a ten pound note and the young bar tender grinned at me, dimpling. I flushed a little and then collected the shots, selecting a public booth at the back of the club.

"We'll dance when we're wasted, yeah?" Briella said, sitting down beside Kammy.

"Yes!" Kammy grinned, clapping with excitement. I could tell this was going to be a good night. If it wasn't. . . well, alcahol was always the alternative.


A few hours into the night, we were dancing with everyone else, sweating and panting, trying to gain back our breath. Briella had gotten rid of her jumper a few hours earlier, exposing a lacy red tanktop underneath. A coloured boy had his arms round her waist, grinding into her. God, we'd only been her a few hours and it was already like Dirty Dancing. Kammy was dancing with a tall handsome guy, her arms looped round his neck. The lead singer of the band thanked the audience, we applauded, then he jumped of the stage and took off his shirt, exposing a six pack. I blinked, my vision blury. He was really good-looking, and was heading straight towards me.

"Hey, nice dress." he eyed me up and down before slipping of my jacket, handing it over a random bar stool, and falling into the dance with me while another singer took the band's place. The lead singer had black hair, tousled and straight, his green eyes sparkling under the lights. I was drunk, so I didn't think properly when I stroked his toned chest, my hips wriggling against him. He put his hands on my waist and we danced until the song was over.

It turned out the guys Kammy and Briella had been dancing with, was from the same band, so we all walked back to the booth and ordered a round of tequila shots, laughing and shouting. The club was dark, the disco lights the only thing lighting up the area. I tipped back another shot and turned to the guy that I'd been dancing with.

"So what's your name?" I slurred, wrapping my arms round his neck.

"Pheonix." he smiled at me and wrapped an arm round my waist, patting my silk-clad thigh.

"Nice name," I said "I'm Jessie." There was no way I was telling him my real name, I may've been drunk, but no matter if I was riding an imaginary unicorn or running from a pissed dinosaur, I would never tell my real name to somebody I didn't know. Briella, Kammy and One Direction - they were my only exception. Besides, I knew them.

When Pheonix kissed my neck, nearing my lips, I pulled back, gestured to the girls and flounced towards the bar to pick up my leather jacket of the bar stool. I was far too wasted to actually think straight, so I ended up stumbling out the club and into the freezing night air. The yellow street lamps were blinding me, so I staggered into the shadows casted by the bus shelter, and rubbed my temples. I hated loving being drunk - what I dilema. I heard a voice beside me, then a firm arm held me up before I fell.

"C'mon baby, let's get you home. Your absolutely wrecked. Louis, get Kammy. Liam, get Briella and ring for a taxi, will you?" The voices sounded familiar, the names did too. Wasn't Zayn my boyfriend? Hm, sounded weird.


Zayn supported my weight while I giggled and hiccuped drunkly, blinking under the dim light of the street lamps. Then the swish of tires on wet concrete made me open my eyes and attempt to focus.

"Do me a favour," I said to Zayn "take advantage of me while I'm not sober. Just incsase I'm too stubbourn when I wake up in the morning."

Zayn shook his head, but the motion was too quick for me to register.

"Nope, I'm not doing that t'night Red. You're pissed, and I'm not taking that for granted." He let me rest my heavy head on his denim-clad lap and I fell asleep in the taxi, drooling on his jeans.

I was so fucking wasted.















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