Red ♥

Red Hair.
Red Lips.
Red Blood.
When Zayn meets Red, he's close to death.
She's his princess in combat boots.
She saves his life, and now she has to pay the price.
Survival101 - Never fall in love with the broken.


11. Torn Apart

I woke up with Zayn beside me, his bare and beautiful chest glowing with the light of my candles.

"Morning, princess." I felt groggy but happy, just lying there beside him.

"Morning baby." I rolled over so I was lying ontop of him. I giggled and he grinned at me. Slithering up his torso, I stopped when I felt his morning breath hit my lips. I knew my hair must've been a right shit-tip, but I didn't care.

"You've got mascara under your eyes." Zayn said, all too happy with the idea that we had our private romance world locked inside my bedroom. Was it the red silk curtains which hung around my four poster bed, making him feel like this? Or was it just me having this effect on him? Questions zipped through my head, but I ignored them, savouring the time I had with my prince charming. Ironic, that he called me princess.

Zayn brushed his thumb beneath my eyes, a tender smile on his lips. I couldn't control myself when he was this. . . sweet.

I pulled my self up to eye-level with him before forcing my lips to kiss his, his tongue slipping into my mouth. He growled playfully and rolled over onto me, kissing down my neck and on my shoulder. It felt good, like the kisses from Pheonix had been washed away. Zayn was nibbling on the hollow behind my ear, making my head tilt back and a moan of ecstasy escaped my lips.

"I'm glad I waited last night. This is better. And you said you wouldn't be up for it. . . " I stopped him talking by sliding down under the covers and snapping the waist-line of his boxers against his carmel coloured skin.

I grinned to myself when his hands found my face and he began running his fingers through my tangled hair.

"Well, well, well, look who's wearing boxers! Naughty boy, we don't allow those in here." I slid up to see his face and slowly stripped off his underwear. 

"Yeah, well black lacy lingerie isn't allowed either. Epecially when it's this tempting." He pulled the strap on my shoulder down and brushed his lips against the soft bare skin.

I sighed and sat up, taking off my best vest so I was left in my lacy panties. The logical and rational side of my brain was screaming STOP! But I didn't listen. The tiny devil on my shoulder was applauding me, goading me on as I seduced my sexy boyfriend. I'd never felt so happy.

So you can understand how pissed off I was when a knock on my door interupted my dominance. Zayn's voice was cracking, husky with pleasure when he answered.

"Come back later!"

"It's Niall. We need to talk, Malik." I sighed, climbed off him and rolled over onto my side of the bed. I hated now that I'd given spare keys to Niall. I made a mental note to get them back next week when I was feeling crap again.

"Coming!" Zayn laughed while putting on his boxers.

"Stay here. Like that. I'll be right back." he kissed my forehead and tried to slide his hands under the duvet, but I kissed his palm lightly before pushing him back.

"Go." I urged. The faster he talked, the faster he would come back to me.

I put my vest on again and groaned in frustration. The last time we hadn't been interupted was the night of our first date. If I didn't have a strong loyalty to Zayn, Pheonix would be the second event left un-interuped. After putting on my slippers, I tiptoed and pressed my ear to the gap in my bedroom door.

"What?! We can't leave!" I heard Zayn yell. Wait! Zayn was leaving.

Oh god. No. I felt my chest tighten and all air was knocked out of my, a hole ripped its way into my heart. My sould crumpled up and drifted to the pit of my being.

"We have to! One Direction hasn't done a concert in just over a month! All the press is searching for reasons, Paul is unbelievably mad, and the other guys agree that we should get back ontop and start up again! We're not putting our entire career on hold for Red! Louis is having to leave Kammy behind, and Liam's ripping himself up over Briella! They're not complaining about it though! You need to get it out your head that you can have both Red and an amazing career! We're going to have to leave London, go on tour and please all the fans who haven't seen us in ages!"

I opened the door a little further with numb hands and watched as Zayn focused his wide hazel eyes on the coffe table. He looked almost as destroyed as I felt. My brain was broken. My eyes were broken. So were my ears. But my heart hadn't been broken, it'd been torn apart, drifing about in my chest in tiny little pieces. I felt like a Bella being torn away from her Edward. God, it was worse than that! It was a physical tearing pain from my throat.

It was then that I realised I was crying. I hadn't cried ever since my parents died. All the tears were dried out of me that day. Aparently not. Now they were flooding down my cheeks, releasing all the pain in tiny salt-water teardrops. I stumbled back, struggling to piece everything together, to make it make sence anymore. I looked over at Zayn's jacket which was hung on my doorpeg, and the hole in my ripped-up heart widened into a gaping whirlpool of sorrow. I looked over at the pictures which were pinned up above my bedfraim on a pinboard. I stared at the pictures of me and the boys, Briella and Kammy, all smiling, laughing or making weird faces at the camera. One of my favourites was a mug shot of Zayn and me, looking at eachother lovingly, our noses touching. We were on a park bench and I was wearing Briella's over-sized red jumper. Zayn was wearing the jacket which hung on the door. My attention was drawn away from the photos when I heard fumbling in the living room. I didn't have to come out of the room to know Zayn was packing up. The hole was gone now, because my heart no longer exsisted. When the door slammed shut all happiness leaked out of my bit by bit, like acid on my skin.

Only embers of Zayn were left inside of me, waiting to be turned into flames again. I'd extinguish them the only way I knew how.


I'd ring Harry.







A.N: Hola my little clovers! Hope you're enjoying this! This chapter was one of my personal fave's, and I nearly cried when writing this! Poor Red :'(  She's turned to Harry, her sworn enemy, in a state like this! God knows what's going to happen. . . keep reading! Love ya xoxo ~ Patch ♥


























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