Red ♥

Red Hair.
Red Lips.
Red Blood.
When Zayn meets Red, he's close to death.
She's his princess in combat boots.
She saves his life, and now she has to pay the price.
Survival101 - Never fall in love with the broken.


16. The Usual

I looked down at the pale blue too-big onesie I was wearing and sighed. My old prison suit. I rolled up my sleeves, and set down the few things I was allowed to bring with me. Beneath the stupid suit, I was wearing my jeans and a plain white t-shirt (it was all I could get away with). I slipped my feet into my combat boots and tied my hair into a bun with an elastic band. You didn't really have to make an effort in prison. I should know, having been here more times than I've kissed a boy - sad, right?

My cell mate wasn't that nice to me, but I could deal with that. His name was Kayleb Clark; he had tousled black hair and sky-blue eyes which would sparkle when he looked through the barred window at night.

I suppose you want to know how long I'm sentenced for? Well, I can't tell - law order. I swear to tell the truth, blah, blah, blah. I've heard it too many times. The 'You have the right to remain silent' phrase was just getting old!

"What you in here for?" Kayleb asked me one day, when I was sat on the top bunk with my reading glasses on (yes, I have to use glasses, it's no big deal!). I was busy writing a letter to Kammy, explaining how I missed her and how I hoped the guys were okay, and to take care of the apartment for me too. Biting the end of my pencil, I leaned over to talk to him, hanging down off the bed.

"Tons of stuff," I told him, "stealing more than I should, grand theft auto, one murder which was only self-defence, and breaking plenty of enteries to last me a lifetime. That's how I got my swanky apartment." I winked and him and he blew out a sigh of amazement.

"Damn, girl. I'm just debating on why you didn't get caught earlier. I'm in for rape." I stared at him for a second and then we both burst out laughing. Maybe Kayleb wasn't so bad after all. At least he could tell a good joke.

"Sure. Now tell me, what are you really in for?" 

"Selling drugs. It was nothing big, but then I got tatted on by a lass I sold cocaine to. I might just murder her as soon as I get outa here." Maybe drugs were the reason why he was slim. He wasn't skinny, per se, but he was slim and tall with good muscles. He looked a little like Ian Summerholder.

"Shame. I could've gone to you asking for it - Godess knows how many times I've felt like turning to drugs. But it's a bad habit, y'know? It ruins people." When I looked back down he was nodding, staring at a long spidery crack in the wall. I threw my pencil at him and he laughed gently. I did a flip of the top bunk and swung myself under so I was sat beside him, my breathing faster.

"Woah, easy there spiderwoman." he smiled charmingly at me and I patted his shoulder.

"How long you in for, anyway?" I said, tucking a lose strand of red hair behind my ear.

"Five." he said, without hesitation.

"Oh, I'm in way longer than that." I smiled.

"Tell." he said.

"Nope." I tapped the side of my nose with my finger. "Confidential information." I told him.

"I told you!" He was distressed now, so I told him.

"Seventeen ye-!"

"Shh!" I clamped my hand over his mouth and giggled when he licked the inside of my hand and I pulled it back, wiping it on the thigh of my suit.

"You douchebag!" I slapped him on the side of his head and he chuckled, showing a perfect set of shiny white teeth.

"Right, well, the warden's probably going to call for lights out in 3...2...1..." When I put down my last finger, Officer Wilkinson clanged his beating stick against the bars of our cell.

"Lights out. Get some sleep ya lazer little fuckers!" With that, he kept on strolling, and we could hear the clangs on other jail cell bars.



"How do you know the exact moment the cell warden's going to tap his whip?"

"Trust me, Kayleb, I've been in here more times than you've had sex."

I lay down on my top bunk and Kayden switched out the lights.

The only thing I heard before I drifted into sleep was:

"Damn, that must be alot of time wasted in jail."







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