Red ♥

Red Hair.
Red Lips.
Red Blood.
When Zayn meets Red, he's close to death.
She's his princess in combat boots.
She saves his life, and now she has to pay the price.
Survival101 - Never fall in love with the broken.


8. The Date


After a long day, well, half a day, Kammy finally took me back home. I was really nervous about getting my hair dyed, but as soon as I looked in the mirror after it was done; I was a new me. Was it wrong of me to like it? Even just a little bit?

I rummaged through my purse for my apartment key. They have to be in here somewhere. Kammy giggled at my frustration, which earned her a glare from me. Something metal and cold reached my hand. Finally, my keys; I pulled them out and tried to unlock the door. Well, it would have been trying, if the door wasn’t already open. I mentally slapped myself. How could I forget?

I cast a glance at Kammy who had a big smile plastered across her face. Why was she always so happy and bubbly? Didn’t she have anything in her life that bothered her? I guess not, she must be one luckily woman to have her man love her who is still… alive. I sighed remembering back when I had a boyfriend. They were the times of bliss, until Harry came along.

I shook my head and a blur of blond came to my sight. I was usually used to seeing red. I would have to get used having blond hair. I wondered what everyone was going to think, especially if Zayn was to like it or not.

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