Red ♥

Red Hair.
Red Lips.
Red Blood.
When Zayn meets Red, he's close to death.
She's his princess in combat boots.
She saves his life, and now she has to pay the price.
Survival101 - Never fall in love with the broken.


7. New Identity.


Knock, knock.

"Re-ed? You in there?"

I sat up, pulling Zayn with me.

"It's Kammy." I whispered, dashing to my bedroom mirror and tried to fix the birdnest which tried to immitate my hair. I grabbed a babywipe from the packet I left on my bedside-table and wiped the smudged red lipstick from around my mouth. I was enjoying this relationship thing, down get me wrong, but it sure did wreck my appearance. I felt strong arms wrap round my waist and I saw my reflection smile. "You look beautiful." Zayn murmered into the crook of my neck, leaving a trail of kissed along my collar bone.

"Hey, if you want people to think we're still friends, not this, then I suggest you let me freshen up!" I turned in his arms to face him and tried to sort his hair out too. I gave up on my feeble attempts to fix it up when he began kissing me all over my face. I broke out into a fit of giggles when he pushed me down onto the bed and began tickling my ribcage, still kissing my face. I tried to catch my breath and push me off but he stopped me trying by kissing me, long and passionate. I let his tongue explore my mouth before pushing his face back.

"No underestamating my ability to break bones or hand out black eyes, my darling." I sat him down on the bed and went to go change in my ensuite bathroom, but Zayn hooked my waist with one arm and pulled me onto his lap.

"You don't have to leave the room to get changed." he started kissing and nibbling at the area just beneath my ear, but I got up and stuck my tongue out at him.

"Yes, I do. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get changed." I flounced out into my bathroom and threw on a pair of blue ripped jeans, a drastic change from my usual black ones, and a long-sleeved figure hugging dark blue shirt. It did look cute, I s'pose, and it emphisized my eyes. After shoving on my black converse on, I tiptoed back in and Zayn wolf-whistled.

"Wow, nice change. Lookin' good." He kissed me again and smiled when he realized I'd wiped of my makeup and only put on a tincy bit of mascara.

"See? You don't actually need makeup to look good!" he seemed smug.

"Yeah, well I'm still debating on that. I feel like crap." I masaged my temples before opening the door and grinning when I saw Kammy standing there with two steaming mugs of tea. She had curled her hair and it was shorter when it was curly, reaching her shoulders in thick glossy ringlets. She looked perfect with her pastel pink blouse and skinny jeans with matching toms.

"Nice. Going for the summer look, are we?"

She laughed. "Well, yeah, I guess so. Glad you've lightened up on the goth look." She handed me my tea and hugged me before leading me into the living room. I wasn't used to having girly time whatsoever.

"Well, methinks we'll have to dye your hair if we can go out shopping during the day my little vampire."

I tried to proccess what she said through my quick and sharp mind. It didn't work. Outside? During the day? Those were two things that didn't belong in the same sentence!

"Umm. . . " I looked around the living room to see all the boys and winced, struggling to decide whether to actually dye it or not. The red hair was all I had left of my parents. You might think I dyed it that colour, but no, it's naturally crimson.

"Well, I guess you could just stay here and enjoy yourself with Zayn like I heard this morning . . . ?" Kammy grinned and my temper flared up.

"Fine! I'll go!" we burst into laughter and she linked arms with me while we sat down on the double-seated sofa.

"Well, ladies? What's this all about?" Niall smiled crookedly at me and propped his elbows on his knees, chin in his hands.

"Nothing, really. I'm taking Red out for a trip, aren't I Miss Cassidy?" I nodded, smiling. Wait a minute? How did she know my last name?

"Er, Kammy? My last name? Explain?"

Kammy blushed. "Well, I saw your purse and then you had no ID, just a card with your name on it. Sorry. Why don't you have ID, or you're not registered in hospitals?" I facepalmed myself and sighed.

"Well, since the cops are after me, I can't really have any record that I exsist. Kind of like Men In Black." I explained, rubbing my temples when my mind began to ache. Maybe I did need pampering. Unlike prince charming who was sat in my bedroom fixing himself up. On the other hand, I'd never been stabbed. But my old boyfriend had - by Harry. It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

"C'mon, let's go." Kammy helped me put on my thick camoflauge coat and she slipped on a jean jacket for herself.

"Let's." I took my apartment key and went to lock it, but Kammy pulled me along.

"Sorry," I smiled apolagetically at her. "it's a force of habit."




After catching the bus and arriving infront of the town centre, she took me down Oxford Street.

"God no! This is too expensive down 'ere!" I said, tugging her down a different street.

Kammy laughed. "When your boyfriend's a millionaire, a few hundred pounds won't hurt. Besides, you and Zayn'll be sharing an account soon." she winked and pulled me into a shop with tons of clothes and shoes and bags.

"Holy shit." I looked around at the sparkly dresses, the skeleton tank-tops and ripped jeans. Everything was so posh. Kammy giggled, already holding a pile of floral and animal print leggings and tops.

I roamed around, pondering around the shoe section and staring lustfully at the rows and rows of makeup. I was a girl after all, aren't I allowed to have some fun? Before I could even pick something up, Kammy was darting about, selecting the leopard print heels, three pairs of light denim ripped jeans, two black leather cut-off jackets and bunch of graphic t-shirts. All of which I wanted. She shoved it all on the till and payed for everything.

"Jesus, Kam'! Let me at least pay for the heels!" I raised my eyebrows and blinked.

Kammy just laughed at me. "Nope, it's all mine, well Louis' treat. He said go spoil her, so I am. Besides, we've got tons of money left to dye your hair and get mine trimmed." She pushed up her curls and her brown eyes sparkled.

"Thanks, Kammy. I don't deserve it though, I'm a theif." I said in whisper. Her eyes widened for a second, before she smiled at me. 

"You do deserve it, Red. You rescue celebs in distress from getting stabbed in alleys. You're like cat woman with red hair." she ruffled my layers and took the bags of clothing and shoes of the counter. The lady behind the till waved us goodbye and we darted across to the salon across the road.

"Well, well, well! If it isn't my little baby!" Before my brain could register what was going on, Kammy dropped her shopping bags to embrace a tall woman with the same hair and eyes as Kammy. Her mother, I guessed.

"Well, who's your friend?" Her mother looked at me, eyeing me up worriedly. Kammy looked around the Hair Salon and pulled down two posters which were stuck to the walls.

"She's here to get her hair dyed." Kam' hissed, crumpling up the paper and shoving it in the bin. It was the wanted poster for me. I looked down, ashamed, at my converse and grimaced, but Kammy tilted my chin up and sat me down in a black comfy chair.

"Okay," Kammy's mum said, running her fingers through my hair while another, more nervous girl, tied an apron around my shoulders so the dye didn't get on my clothes.

"It's okay, Carla, she won't hurt you." Godess, people were talking about me as if I was a wild animal. I guess I kinda was.

"I'm going for my lunch break, Tori." The nervous girl, Carla, said while shaking her head doubtfully.

"Bye Carla."  I murmered, giving her a wicked grin which made her run through the back door of the salon. Kammy patted the side of my head, laughing.

"Meanie." she said, handing her mum the dye and foil.

"What colour?" Tori asked, smiling at her daughter. I thought back to the colour of his hair. The boy that Harry killed. The boy I loved. It was a golden colour, similar to Niall's.

"Blond." I said, my lips set in a firmly pursed line. This was it. No more Red.











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